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How To Connect Mac To An External TV

These days many people often prefer to view videos or listen to music from their computers. Moreover, if you own a quality MacBook, then it’s even more likely that you spend hours in front of the screen. But, even though these devices offer high quality viewing experiences, especially due to their retina high definition displays, sometimes the screen size just isn’t quite large enough for your liking. For example, the display of the largest MacBook Pro is set at 17 inches. Plus, most other models come between 13 and 15”.

As such, there are times that you may end up needing a larger display. It could be that you are planning to make a presentation in school or in the office. Or perhaps you have some guests over, in which case you may want to utilize a widescreen TV instead, so that everyone can see clearly. In such cases, it is often advised to also have a laptop angle stand, which will securely keep your Mac stable on any desk or workstation while connecting your Mac to any external monitor. This ensures that it will not accidentally fall off, plus they also offer adjustable angles and height for any form of work or play. Moreover, even for daily use, they will do well to improve your Mac’s airflow. And also boost productivity, by preventing health issues such as back or eye strains.

Connect Mac To An External TV

Moreover, if you do often use your Mac on campus or in the office to make presentations, then chances are you are constantly carrying your Mac around with you. In which case, it is only right that we advise you to consider purchasing a protective laptop sleeve. These cases will prove useful in keeping your Mac and its components safe from external damage or access, through stealing, for example. This way in the event that you accidentally drop your Mac on the move, it’s unlikely to end up damaged. Moreover, it will make it difficult for someone to steal it from a cafe or library, for example. After all, if it is in a distinguishable case, then it will be harder for someone to walk away with it unnoticed.

In most cases, it is usually simple to connect your computer to your TV. However, it will often depend on the make and model of Mac that you own. This is due to the different outputs and correct cables that are needed to connect your Mac to the external monitor. If you own one of the latest Macs, then the process is simple. As you only have to connect the right HDMI cable to both devices. In which case, you will simply need to determine what type of video output your Mac has. Some of the common video outputs include HDMI, USB, Thunderbolt 2, Thunderbolt 3, Mini Display, and Micro DVI ports. Once you have determined this, you will then need to check what input your external monitor or TV has. These ports are usually located on the back of the TV, on the side, or the bottom panels. Most TV’s utilize HDMI ports. However, some may have other inputs such as DVI or VGA, for instance.

After this, you can then figure out which cables are required to establish a successful connection. In such cases, you may also end up needing an adapter to connect your computer to the TV. In which case, we suggest investing in a usb c hdmi hub or usb c multi hub to accomplish this. For those unfamiliar, these are accessories that bring all your Mac’s functions into one convenient port. This allows you to connect and charge multiple devices at once, such as external monitors, mouse, keyboards, iPhones, etc. In other words, they expand your workspace allowing you to still work, even if you lack the necessary or a sufficient number of connection ports. At this point, all you will need to do is to simply plug in the HDMI hub to your Mac and connect a HDMI cable to your TV.

From there, head to your Mac’s System Preferences > Displays, you should be able to establish a link to your TV. You can also head to System Preferences > Sound > Output > TV, to customize your audio output settings. You should then be able to play the audio from the TV speakers, as well. If you don’t already own the right HDMI Cables, then we suggest buying some from a reliable brand like Lention. This is because their cables are universally compatible and facilitate seamless 4K video and audio transmission over high speeds. Plus, they are made of highly durable materials, so it’s unlikely that you will damage your cables anytime soon.

Once you establish the relevant outputs and inputs needed, you can gather the right cables and setup your viewing experience quite quickly. Plus, as we mentioned before, it can be easier to simply purchase a HDMI adapter, instead of using multiple cables. However, if you do already own multiple connectivity cables, then investing in a cable organizer is also recommended. Moreover, investing in one from a brand like Lention. This is because the ones that they offer come with mesh pockets and elastic straps. This means that you will be able to safely carry around multiple cables, external disk drives and accessories. All while keeping them well-organized and protected from external damage.

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