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The Unanswered Mysteries Of World Football History

There are many mysteries in football history that will forever go unanswered when the protagonist also doesn’t know what really happened. After that, many people wondered, but forever there was no answer. Or most of us do not know that football is evolving today, but behind it there are unanswered mysteries. Let’s also find out through some of the information shared by Tructiepbongda in this article. Keep scroll and reading

Unanswered Mysteries Of World Football History

 World football also contains many mysteries that you do not know

What happened to Ronaldo?

Before the 1998 World Cup final between Brazil and France, Ronaldo was suddenly removed from the list by coach Mario Zagallo. When the reporters and TV units did not understand what was going on, Ronaldo was given the name to replace Edmundo. Despite great expectations, Ronaldo played poorly in the final and Brazil lost to France 0-3.

The Brazilian players later recalled that at noon on the day of the final, Ronaldo had epilepsy, convulsions, and foam in the room. Ronaldo was then taken to a doctor, injected with medicine, and guaranteed to play in the final. This story is so unbelievable that a series of Brazilian players have to testify before the government of this country to find out the truth after Brazil lost the match. There are many rumors that claim that the Brazilian shirt sponsor forced Ronaldo to kick under. There are also rumors that France is helping Brazil economically in return for victory. However, the truth about Ronaldo’s seizures remains a mystery. Ronaldo himself admitted he “does not remember anything” about this incident.

Unanswered Mysteries Of World Football History 1

   There are many more mysteries about football to explore

The injustice of football player Eduard Streltsov.

Soviet football fans still believe that if Streltsov appears at the 1958 World Cup, Pele will not win the world championship with Brazil, and football history will change. On the eve of the World Cup in Sweden, Streltsov was a big star in the Soviet public line when he won a gold medal for men’s football at the 1956 Olympics. However, in the rally before the World Cup, Streltsov was accused of rape. Mariana Lebedeva woman at a party. Streltsov was sentenced to seven years in prison, despite Lebedeva’s later withdrawal of the denunciation.

No one knew for sure what really happened that fateful evening, except Streltsov and Lebedeva. Streltsov always asserted that he was innocent, but he was sentenced to seven years in prison for this difficult offense. And Lebedeva has been silent ever since. There have been rumors that Streltsov was retaliated for refusing to marry the daughter of an important figure at the time. However, the most surprising thing was that after serving seven years in prison, Streltsov still maintained his form and helped Torpedo Moscow club to win the Soviet Union twice. Streltsov died in 1990 of nasopharyngeal cancer. The day after Streltsov’s death, witnesses confirmed Lebedeva went to his grave in Moscow and placed flowers.

Unanswered Mysteries Of World Football History 2

  There are stories about football that are always unanswered

European Championship and disappears

Helmuth Duckadam was the hero who helped Steaua Bucharest win the European Cup in 1986 by successfully pushing four penalty shoot-outs from Barca players. On top of Europe at the age of 27, Duckadam left no trace and disappeared for the next 3 years.

There were many rumors that day about Duckadam being cut off because it made the bettors lose money by the final against Barca. In reply to Fourfourtwo in 2019, Duckadam revealed that after the final that year, he was forced to participate in the match-fixing but refused. Soon after, he was fined by the club and the doctor revealed that he had an aneurysm in his right hand and could not play because it was “too dangerous”. Duckadam’s career ends at the top in such a mysterious way. Many people are skeptical about whether Duckadam really had an aneurysm or he was pushed out by impersonating the top figures in Romania.

The death of Sandor Kocsis: The Hungarian bombing striker scored 11 goals at the 1954 World Cup and is the only player in history to have 2 hat-tricks in a world cup.

According to MLSZ, in 1974, Kocsis had to amputate part of his left leg due to the effects of cancer. He became deeply depressed. A few months later, Kocsis died after falling from a hospital window. Until now, the police still cannot determine if Kocsis committed suicide or had an accident.

This is a mystery that so many people of that era were always searching for a reason but still could not find it. Until now, it is still a mystery that no one can answer. But over time, everyone will forget this incident, no one will ever mention it, so for future generations, few people know the existence of that story.

Ibrahimovic used to be a thief

Before becoming a famous football player with an illustrious career, football player Ibrahimovic was rebellious. This player once revealed in his autobiography about his lightning fast lock-breaking talent. He once shared that “I am a skilled key breaker. Just one note is my car. I do these things with my innocent mind ”. But that was just an innocent, mischievous youth that did not know right from wrong. Only later in adulthood, when he became a football star, was popular with many fans that he rethinked what he did. Nobody knows about this incident, but Ibrahimovic still admits and shares about his past. There are also many people who turn their backs, showing no sympathy, but there are also many people who are still willing to let go of his past and continue to support this player in his football career.

Football has always had a strong charm and many inexplicable mysteries. It is simply 1 ball, and 2 teams go head to head on the field, but it creates a lot of drama and mystery. Maybe the mysteries in football are unanswered, but it will definitely make fans want to explore more. Update the latest football news every day as well as watch live football online at https://tructiepbongda.site.

The mysteries will certainly be stories that few people know about. Football looks like it is growing on the outside and there are no problems in that development. However, it is not like that. Behind that development are thrilling, mysterious stories that have no answers and few people know about it. Hopefully the information shared above will help you have more understanding of the mysteries of world football. Also hopefully you can also have more curiosity to discover many other mysterious stories as well.

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