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How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Jacket For You?

With the rise in the fame of motorcycles, motorcycle jackets have also gained a lot of fame. With time, it has become the most iconic clothing item loved by bikes and hijacked by adventure lovers. Today you have plethora of brands and designers designing and manufacturing the best motorcycle jackets for you, depending on the demand, preference and requirement of riders.

How To Choose The Best Motorcycle Jacket For You

Leather vs. Synthetic

Leather motorcycle jackets are literally unique. It is unconventional and gives the bikers an iconic look. Speaking about durability, protection and appeal, leather has always been the first choice. But synthetic and mesh jackets aren’t far behind. The ability to conform to body contours is perfect and is loved by bikers.

Long lasting and thickness

When considering a motorcycle jacket, use the thumb rule! The thicker, the better! Lightweight jackets though give you a good look but may appear just a bit superior than shirts. Thickness increases the weight and leads to longer abrasion resistance.

Safety label

Leather motorcycle clothing includes jackets, pants, suits and they offer sustainability to different types of destructions. It comprises of abrasion resistance, burst strength as well as impact resistance. Thus, it is important to check the safety standards of the garment and see if they conform to the safety standards marked. Fortunately, today you have best motorcycle armor inserts to help you enhance your safety standards. The leather jackets are passed through in-house testing and quality standard tests.

Just like safety testing for jackets, you have armor testing too. Safety standards are a perfect beginning to test specific parts of the jacket and armor.

All weather jackets

Offering security against impact and abrasion, leather jackets should also be water repellent and wind proof. Full grain leather jacket offers remarkable protection from wind. All weather jackets are a big advantage to be used for these seasons.

Get the right fit

It is very important to be aware of the fit of your jacket. It is more important to you realise. A motorcycle jacket isn’t a fashion item; its major purpose is to secure the rider on the road. Thus, if you go for a too loose jacket, it may ride up. A too tight jacket may create pinch spots to burst out.

Make sure your jacket is according to your body shape. Built-in armor is also absolutely important. Best motorcycle armor inserts in elbows, shoulder and back will give you good safety and comfort levels.

An Alternative to Leather

Though bikers prefer leather motorcycle jackets, but if you aren’t comfortable with an animal product, then you have different, faux leather, PVC leather, mesh and textile jackets available for you which you can choose from Stadium Goods supreme apparels. You can choose the best jacket as per your preference and comfort and shop for it online at The online portal is your one-stop solution to all types of motorcycle clothing, gear and accessories. Just select your bike model and manufacture and get the list of best accessories, OEM and aftermarket parts available for it, at the best rates possible.e.

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