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How To Define If The Dedicated Team Is The Right Choice For Your Business?

A dedicated team is a team of experts, whose workflow is organized in such a way that a client gets an ability to thoroughly manage all the working processes as well as hire and fire employees, and regulate the team stress load. Members of such a team would work on a single dedicated project exclusively. The contracting client’s job here is to take responsibility for workspace expenses, working places organization, and establishment of communication between separate parts of the team.

How To Define If The Dedicated Team Is The Right Choice For Your Business

What is the Difference Between a Dedicated and Outsourcing Team?

Outsourcing is a format of teamwork, where the general workflow is defined by the internal managing company policies for a team to complete ordered tasks according to the client company’s regulations. This means that the experts working on a certain digital product can also be involved with several other projects simultaneously. Teams working as outsourcing service providers mostly prefer time & material model of service pricing, and rarely for small projects they choose the fixed price model.

Is it Worth Going for a Dedicated Team?

Choosing a dedicated team type for your project, you get full control over its work progress. Dedicated team specialists delve into your corporate affairs head-to-toe to fully understand everything that is going on in the course of the project, define one’s ultimate goals, and strictly focus on the proper result of work (which cannot always go for outsourced specialists due to their possible diverse occupation with several projects at once).

Notice also that with a dedicated team you get a productivity boost by default due to an extensive unity of all members. The thing is, communication processes, in this case, are utterly transparent: You can fully manage your working experts, schedule optimal deadlines, and distribute tasks as you see fit. It is unlikely that you miss some important workflow management moments, while possible errors and mistakes can be fixed in no time.

All of the advantages of this cooperation model can be clearly felt when working on complex projects that take a significant amount of time to be completed.

Dedicated Team Cooperation Model Advantages

Thus, with a dedicated team of experts, you get:

  • 100% worker’s engagement during project development;
  • Extensive employer’s team managing capabilities;
  • All-around understanding of a client company goals and objectives by the hired teams’ experts;
  • Constantfeedback;
  • Fixed monthly compensations for team members.

In turn, a significant challenge that comes to mind in this aspect is diffulities in finding the right dedicated development team.


If you have a complex, large-scale project that requires significant efforts and expenses – a dedicated team will be your best bet. This form of cooperation will also be optimal if you require to finish the work in the shortest terms possible and get the maximum level of quality. Artelogic is just a dedicated development team the advantages of which we discuss in the article – we will help you achieve the desired result with a reasonable financial input.

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