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How to Choose the Best Hearing Aids

When it comes to dealing with permanent types of hearing loss problems, nothing is more effective than using hearing aids. It can be a bit difficult to get the proper hearing aids for yourself, so you might want to know how to choose the best hearing aids. In this article, we will talk about how you can choose the best hearing aids from the market while getting one for yourself.

Best Hearing Aids

It’s not an easy task to find the best hearing aids. You will have to go through several steps that will ensure that you are getting the best possible hearing aids for yourself. You will need to compare the different available styles of hearing aids. You will also have to take the level of your hearing loss into consideration.

Among other things, you will need to choose the hearing aid technology and features that you want to have for your hearing aids. The quality and the price of the hearing aids, the comfort it provides, etc. are also important while choosing them. Your lifestyle and the level of your social engagement are also important factors while getting the best hearing aids for yourself. Read on to know about these different steps more thoroughly that will help you to choose the best hearing aids for yourself.

The steps are-

Comparing Different Hearing Aid Styles

Depending on how hearing aids are placed, hearing aids can be of different styles. They come in a range of sizes and styles, along with a range of features and functionality. Some of these styles are small in size and discreet in design that cater to the needs of people who wish their hearing aids to be hardly noticeable. On the other hand, there are bigger styles that aren’t much discreet, but they provide more power than the smaller ones and help better to listen to sounds. Here are the hearing aid styles-

BTE or Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids

BTE hearing aids are appropriate for all types of hearing loss and go well with people of all ages. These hearing aids hook over the top of the ear of the users and rest behind the ear. The earmold of these hearing aids fits in the ear canal, and they are connected to the hearing aid by a tube.

ITE or In-the-Ear Hearing Aids

ITE hearing aids work well for people with mild to severe hearing loss. These hearing aids are custom-made in two different styles, the ones that fill most of the outer ear’s bowl-shaped area, and the ones that only fill the lower part of that area. They come with directional microphones.

ITC or In the Canal Hearing Aids

ITC hearing aids help to improve mild to moderate hearing loss problems, especially in adults. These hearing aids fit perfectly in the ear canal and are custom-molded.

CIC or Completely in the Canal Hearing Aids

Like ITC hearing aids, CIC hearing aids also help to improve mild to moderate hearing loss in adults. These hearing aids are molded to fit inside the ear canal of the user. They are the smallest and least visible types of hearing aids.

RITE or Receiver in the Ear Hearing Aids

RITE hearing aids are similar to BTE hearing aids with the receiver that sits behind the user’s ear canal. A tiny wire is used in these hearing aids to connect the receiver or speaker to the piece that sits behind the ear. These hearing aids work great for mild to moderate hearing loss problems.

You need to understand the differences of different hearing aid styles properly, and then choose a style that will suit your needs and preferences the most.

The Level of Your Hearing Loss

The severity or degree of your hearing loss will have a huge impact on the type of hearing loss you can choose from. There are various degrees of hearing loss that people can fall victim to, which are mild, moderate, severe, and profound hearing loss problems.

In case of mild or moderate hearing loss problems, you can go for almost any type of hearing aids. But when it comes to the more severe forms of hearing loss problems, you will have to go for ITE full shell hearing aids, RITE hearing aids, or BTE hearing aids. When it comes to profound hearing loss, BTE hearing aids are the only proper solution. Make sure to consult your audiologist to get your hearing tested and understand what type of hearing loss you are suffering from. Also, choose your hearing aids after consulting your audiologist.

Hearing Aid Technology

These days hearing aids come with quite a number of advanced technologies and features that help the users have a more natural sound experience. Nowadays users are getting to enjoy an open and 360-degree sound experience with these digital hearing aids with advanced technology. They come with numerous intriguing and useful features like feedback reduction, Bluetooth, wireless device connectivity, tinnitus support, rechargeable battery, etc.

They also provide features like directional microphones, noise reduction, direct audio input, variable programming, synchronization, etc. Some modern or digital hearing aids help you focus the sound that is around you properly, and provide higher sound clarity easily with their 360-degree sound experience technology. Some hearing aids work to reduce the whistling sound known as feedback that occurs when acoustic signals hit the microphone of the hearing aid escaping the ear canal. Rechargeable battery options are also one of the most important features that many people like to have for their hearing aids.

Wireless connectivity is another great feature that many people look forward to. Most hearing aids use Bluetooth to get connected to smartphones, TV, etc. It helps the users to stream phone calls, music, TV programs, etc. directly through their hearing aids making them listen to these things better. It is also highly convenient for the users. Directional microphones and noise reduction features are also preferred by many users. Also, people that have tinnitus must have the “tinnitus support” feature in their hearing aids.

You need to know about different features and determine which features you want to have in your hearing aids. Then make sure to get the hearing aid that comes with all your needed and preferred features so that you can have the best possible experience from your hearing aids.


Comfort is certainly one of the most crucial factors while choosing your hearing aids. You must never wear hearing aids that make you feel uncomfortable. If you prefer comfort over discreteness or style, you can go for BTE hearing aids easily. Other types of hearing aids also come with a certain level of comfort, so make sure to try on different hearing aids to find out which is the most comfortable fit for you. You can also go for custom molds so that your hearing aids fit your ear perfectly, and provide you with the best possible comfort.

Quality and Price

Hearing aids come in different price ranges and qualities. The price of the hearing aids depends on the number of features and benefits you want your hearing aids to come with. These benefits can include automatic volume adjustment and many more. The quality of the amplification and sound of the hearing aids also impact the prices of the hearing aids a lot. The better amplification you will want for your hearing aids, the more the hearing aids will cost.

The quality of the hearing aids doesn’t only depend on features, it also depends on how better, clear, and natural the sound is. If you want a more natural sound and more clarity, you will have to go for the better quality ones, which are likely to cost you more. So, make sure you get the hearing aids that serve you perfectly quality-wise, and at the same time, fit your budget too.

Style and Design

The design, color, style of your hearing aids are also highly important while choosing the best hearing aids for you. You need to get a hearing aid that will perfectly match your lifestyle. You might want your hearing aid to be highly discreet and unnoticeable. In that case, you will have to go for the smaller ones. You might want your hearing aid to blend with your skin tone, and you will have to choose the color of your hearing aids accordingly. You can also choose the color based on your day-to-day outfits so that your hearing aids can compliment them.

If you want more features, you might have to go for the bigger sizes. If you want discreteness, you can go for the smaller ones. Also, no matter the size, design, or color, make sure that your hearing aid fits your ear canal perfectly. You can get hearing aids that are personalized to your unique ear canal shape.

Level of Social Engagement

Your level of social engagement is another huge factor in determining the perfect hearing aids for you. Whether you go out a lot for work purposes, or to have a good time with your friends or families, or hit restaurants or social gatherings, or you just stay home most of the time, you need to choose your hearing aids based on that. The more active you are in your daily life, the more advanced features you will need for your hearing aids. You can go for basic hearing aids if you are not much engaged socially.

If you attend live entertainment, travel frequently, give presentations, or attend social events regularly, you will need hearing aids that will adjust to the sound environment automatically. Many digital hearing aids can be programmed in a way that they get adjusted to the volume based on the environment. Apart from automatic sound adjustments, you can also go for wireless connectivity, TV connectivity, 360-degree sound, etc.

If you are socially engaged moderately and participate in meetings, social events, outdoor activities, etc. occasionally, you can go for the same features as well. But if you aren’t much socially engaged, and prefer a quiet environment, you can go for basic hearing aid features. You can try having TV connectivity if you are into watching TV.

Make sure to align your hearing aids with your level of social engagement.

Final Words

There are so many things that you need to consider while choosing the best hearing aids for yourself. If you can manage to properly find out your specific needs and preferences by considering all the mentioned factors, you will be able to find the best hearing aids without any doubt. Also, make sure to consult your audiologist to know about your hearing loss, specific needs, and also to understand the hearing aid types and features that will be best for you.

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