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How to Choose a Bigcommerce Developer Agency

In today’s world, having social presence has turned out to be the most need. It has become the common mode of reaching out to a great extent of customers and ultimately earn loyal & valuable customer base. However, with hybrid and native apps, the sellers and merchants actually need to wait till their platform is entirely functional and then starts grabbing attention of customers. Though these apps and platforms provide so many features and options, we cannot deny the fact the entire process might be time-consuming. And that’s where Bigcommerce Developer comes into picture to make this process hassle-free and satisfying. Many would and others wouldn’t be familiar with the whole Bigcommerce development buzz. So, let us help you out to understand what it is, their service types, what is benefits & features, and most important, how to choose one for your business.

Bigcommerce Developer Agency

What is Bigcommerce Development and its service types?

Bigcommerce development is a platform that enables the merchants to keep up with all their sales, payments, and picture uploads under one roof along with offering a range of services (mentioned below). Shaking hands with Bigcommerce Partner, irrespective of your business size, will surely give one the guarantee of their business website being in secured hands. The Bigcommerce development agency will be more than a partner that will fulfill all the needs of your website with their expertise. The professional Bigcommerce developer agency will assist one to get a grip of latest trends in the market, impart creativity into the development, and leverage innovative technologies.

Bigcommerce developer agency will offer these particular services:

  • Digital strategy;
  • Front-end web design;
  • Mobile app design;
  • UI/UX design;
  • Back-end web development;
  • Custom software development;
  • Ecommerce services.


  1. User-friendliness: Interactive and flawless user interface (UI), automated returns, user-friendly methodology, and so on.
  2. Integration: Incorporating one’s latest e-store with API’s and Bigcommerce.
  3. Customization of Design and Template: eye-catching, chic, and creative Bigcommerce store design as well as redesign.
  4. Safe and Speedy Transactions: No need of distinct hosting account, streams real quick and warrants safe transactions.
  5. Cost-effectiveness: It is cost-effective to great extent throughout the website development course.

How to Choose a Bigcommerce Developer Agency?

With the changing lifestyle and technological advancements, customers now look forward to more of website experiences, particularly when we consider online stores. Thus, having the apt Bigcommerce platform by your side to help you in your online business can work wonders. Though, it can be a bit puzzling one with several such platforms being accessible in the market. One can select the platform based on their business area. And if you are looking for one, you need to consider few factors prior to finalizing one.

What are these considerations? Let’s get there real quick then.

Portfolio Analysis

The past project results and experiences of the agency can speak a lot about them. So, look at the previous works, ask about the real-time outcomes it could provide, their previous case studies. It is important as this is not about just developing a platform but reaping benefits from it as well.

Client and Staff Member Tenure

If the agency switches their employee real quick, they might have some work ethics issues, which can ultimately hamper your project development and timeline. So, ask them about it as well. Also, ask them if they have they been on retainer or what was the duration of their projected so far, as it can disclose about their work conduct. Having a good client relationship is equally significant to ensure a smooth work-flow.


For some it is important to meet the people in-person before handling them work. If so, then you need to look who can be accessible and within reach (basically a local would be easier). If not, one can surely widen their search.


This is one of the key aspects that need to be mulled on very carefully. Decide your budget and discuss it with your potential developers (obviously after considering the TCO, comprising any upgrades or maintenance post development). You will get developer agencies that can get going with your budget, you just need to look for them cautiously.

Platform Experience

It is essential that the Bigcommerce developer agency you hire knows the ins and outs of the platform you need them to work on. If they aren’t acquainted with it, one needs to give a miss and look for one you can give their best shot to grow your business to new heights.


Looking forward to start an e-commerce website or trying to take the already-present one to new heights is time-taking and challenging as well. Having someone to help such as a Bigcommerce developer agency can get things well on track. And we have already put forth few considerations on how to choose the right one. Hope it helps you out in all means. It is important as the right experienced agency can offer you better end-product and thereby results and that will be a key to take forward your business.

Rutuja Bhegade
Rutuja Bhegade
Working as a Senior Content Writer at Zion Market Research and overall experience of around 5 years, Rutuja has experience in copywriting, copyediting, writing blogs, informative articles, press releases, web series updates & reviews, anchor texts, product reviews, events, static page content, and articles for diverse domains (healthcare, science, tech, and others). She holds a Master's Degree in Biotechnology and has earlier worked at Brentwood Inofscribe and Evolvus. Other than writing, Rutuja loves to travel and read books.


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