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Know all about Five-Fold Strategic Role of L&D

L&D is a vital element of a successful organization. Although, team managers and leaders often overlook learning and development  as they fail to understand how it leads to achieving milestones and objectives. Knowing all the five-fold strategic roles of L&D within your organization and with a help of wordpress LMS will not only support making learning and development initiatives a priority, but will underscore the relationship with other aspects of the business.

Five-Fold Strategic Role of L&D

L&D is the center focus of five aspects that are important for business longevity, performance, and ability to compete among others in industry. This position denotes the importance of L&D which supports major business priorities, like retention of top talent, employee engagement, and even for building a powerful brand. Team leaders failing to recognize the centrality and importance of learning and development to a company’s growth will cut short the efforts taken by them for profitability and success.

Attract and retain talent

Without the right talent, no organization can grow. It does not matter how intriguing your unique selling point is, or how far better your product is than others. Without right talent onboard, there is just the idea of business and not the actual business. However, attracting and retaining the top talent is central to the strategic role to achieve stability and growth.

Motivate and engage

Engagement is a challenge to scale, yet it is important for employees performance and organization’s growth. Similarly, motivation of employees lies in a company’s ability to succeed and compete. Without learning & development, engagement and motivations flickers. With the lack of new opportunities to grow and develop skills, employees feel they are under utilised. Employees without motivation and engagement feel disconnected and disinterested with the organization.

Create an employer brand

A huge part of focus is on the customer side of an organization. That is natural. Perception of a customer is one of the most important factors in building a successful company. Customers are the main business. A brand helps an organization to stand apart and grant itself to the product or services offered. But connecting to your employees is vital. At the end of the day, your workforce is the one who is going to work and deliver those products and services on behalf of your company. With L&D your brand will be uplifted and embraced by your employees.

Build on values

Culture of your business is under major scrutiny, and with an amplified need for diversity and equity, paired with the increasing interconnectivity on global level, it has never been more essential to build a value-based culture. A robust learning and development initiative is the key to that. L&D initiatives play a key role in corporate responsibility, it becomes easy to achieve goals by attracting and retaining talented employees.

Develop employees capabilities

In today’s fast moving life, knowledge is outdated at a faster pace. Traditional ways of doing jobs are replaced by faster, newwer, advanced, and usually better ways quite swiftly. L&D initiatives are vital in enabling people to enhance and hone their skills to keep up with the trend. Failing to implement powerful learning and development can lead to the inability to compete as knowledge with the company is outdated.  You help your employees by investing in their career development skills and motivate them for better results.


We believe you have understood all about the five-fold strategic role in L&D in business success. Without a powerful L&D strategy and key tools such as wordpress LMS, it becomes challenging to motivate and engage employees, and to retain that talent which you need for growth and success.

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