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How To Change Your EA Security Question

Security questions are a great way to protect your account information. According to EA, security questions have been removed from the FIFA ultimate team 19. You can turn on login verification to ensure that your FUT is safe.  Turning on login verification helps to provide your account with extra security.

How To Change Your EA Security Question

Reasons for changing your FIFA 19security question

There are several reasons to change your FIFA 19 security question, they include:

  • You no longer remember the answer to the question

It is possible to forget the answer provided to a security question. Maybe you did not remember to write it down, or you mistakenly provided a fairly different or incorrect answer. The system saves whatever information you provided and cannot independently verify if the answer is true or not. Such a scenario is likely to occur, and when this happens, you are restricted from accessing your FUT account, which can be very frustrating.

  • You forgot your security question

This is the most common issue that makes users request for a change of their security question on FIFA 19. The majority of people can’t even remember what they used as their security questions when signing up on the FIFA ultimate team console. You will need to rectify this or lose access to your account.

  • You feel your account has been compromised

It is not a pleasant experience to have your account compromised. You may have provided your login information on a website that is not trusted, which could have given scammers access to your account. We have repeatedly stated that you should be careful of the websites or sources you give your account details either for buying coins or for any transaction whatsoever. Some websites hide in the guise of providing you with FIFA coins and in so doing, they can get access to your account and even steal the little coins you have in your account.

Having a compromised account means that it may be accessed from a remote location with a different IP address. You may have logged into your account with a friend’s device and forgot to log out. Whichever way, you will need to reset your security question to allow only you to access your FUT account without any restrictions.

How to reset your FUT security question on FIFA 19

 It is easy to reset your security question or provide a new answer to your security question. The process is quite simple as you can log in through a trusted console and go on to update your question or provide a different answer. For those who already have a FUT club from the previous edition, you will be prompted to provide your security question once you log in. However, if you were not registered in the previous year, you may need to follow the following steps.

  • From your game menu, go into your FIFA ultimate team and follow the guide or tutorials. If you are already in the FIFA team, it is advisable to back out completely and re-enter the ultimate dream.
  • You will be prompted to provide your security question after login in for the second time. You have to reset your secret information if you forgot your security question. The process of doing this is easier if you have access to your trusted console. It only requires you to log into your trusted console and load FIFA. Enter the FIFA ultimate team, and there you will see your security question prompt and reset it from there.

What happens when you forget your security question?

If you forgot your security question, you could carry out these steps to gain access to your account:

  • The first step is to clear your browser cache.
  • Enter the exports.com website, provide your email address and password, then you click login.
  • You will receive an email verification code. Enter the six-digit verification code and then click on submit verification code.
  • Click on forgot answer? When you are prompted with a security question and then in lock account.
  • Log back into FUT from your console. You will be required to provide a new security question and answer.
  • Ensure that you write down the security question and answer so that you can always refer to it if you happen to forget the information you provided.


The FIFA 19 ultimate team has provided users with a verification feature which provides added security to users. Verification codes are sent to your email or phone number to allow you to have access to your account. However, you can update your security question by using the above steps. Also, be wary of the sites you put in your account details to avoid being scammed or compromising your account. You can check out this site if you have issues relating to your account.

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