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What Are The Business Advantages Of Having An Online Phone Number?

Running a business requires constant communication with employees, clients, business partners, and customers. Fortunately, there are so many different solutions to choose from that you can always stay connected and available to anyone.

What Are The Business Advantages Of Having An Online Phone Number

However, all those phone calls can easily make your bills astronomical, which definitely doesn’t bode well for your business. How can you save money on business calls, without sacrificing the quality of all your conversations?

You can get an online phone number from Here’s a detailed explanation of what it is exactly, how to set it up, and what benefits it can provide your business with.

What Is an Online Phone Number? 

An online phone number is an ideal solution for freelancers, startups, and small and on-the-go businesses. It’s a virtual number that can enable you to make toll-free phone calls no matter where you are on the planet.

For instance, getting a online phone number will provide you with several very useful benefits.

It has an HD Voice feature that makes all your conversations crystal clear and enables you to record your calls. It provides you with an option for making conference calls as well – of up to 500 participants.

There are great text messaging features (including group messaging) perfect for communicating with your employees or checking on your friends and family during breaks. You can also send and receive fax files.

With this online phone number, you can enjoy reliable local and long-distance calls, as well as international calls. You’ll be able to connect with employees, customers, and clients completely hassle-free.

You can use your new number with any communication device that allows Internet connectivity. That can be any smartphone, softphone, traditional phone, or ring-ready IP phone. 

How to Set up a Virtual Phone System? 

Setting up a virtual phone system is incredibly easy. All you need to do is sign up for an account at your preferred provider, select the desired phone plan, and choose your virtual phone number. You can either go with a new one or transfer the one you’re already using.

It would be best to have a number that’s very easy to remember, so it might be more beneficial to choose a new one.

Once you sign up, you’ll get a verification email that will prompt you to log into your new account. After logging in, your chosen system will take you through all the necessary steps, which are pretty straightforward, no matter the provider.

You can choose to record a custom main greeting, and add extensions for your employees. After that, you can start making and receiving phone calls, sending text messages, and sending, receiving, and saving fax files.

Go here to read more about how to use virtual phone systems and enjoying smooth, cost-efficient, toll-free global communication. 

The Business Benefits of Virtual Phone Systems 

There are several essential benefits to consider when thinking about whether or not setting up a virtual phone system is the right choice for your business.

First of all, this system will significantly improve your internal communication. You’ll be able to seamlessly communicate with your employees on a daily basis, no matter where you are located. You can also easily make conference calls with a huge number of participants who can join the call anytime.

This system will also improve your external communication. You’ll be able to provide your customers with excellent customer service, which you know is vital for your success.

A virtual phone system will also save you a lot of money. This is simply because it is completely toll-free, as all that it requires is a stable Internet connection. It’s also very affordable.

You can find out more here about all the business benefits of virtual phone systems. 

How Does It Reflect on the Customers? 

As already mentioned, a virtual phone system can improve your customer service. You can be available to them anytime and anywhere. They won’t refrain from calling you, as you’ll have a toll-free number.

What’s more, you can record on-hold messages. No one likes being put on hold when trying to contact a business. With on-hold messages, you can provide your prospects and customers with various tips and advice regarding your products or services.

Likewise, you can record voicemails for customers who reach out to you outside your business hours. As soon as the phone rings, they’ll hear a message with some useful information that can keep them engaged. That way, they won’t move on to your competition just because you were unavailable at the moment. 


Having an online phone number is definitely a must for every business. It improves the communication workflow and efficiency, reduces costs, and turns an organization into a lucrative business that delights both its employees and its customers. It can be a truly valuable asset for your business, so be sure to get one as soon as you can.

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