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How Does the Live Chat Function in Online Casinos Work?

The modern age has allowed all sorts of new technology to enter the fold, especially on the side of broadcasting. Even a decade ago, the idea of someone live-streaming playing games or just talking with people was unheard of, but in 2021, the ‘Just Chatting’ function on Twitch regularly holds hundreds of thousands of viewers across hundreds of channels. Nowadays, plenty of different types of sites are getting into live streaming, including online casinos.

The mere existence of live stream technology has of course brought about an entirely new type of online casino experience thanks to casino games with a live dealer. They help bring a more traditional form of games into the online space. As a result of live stream tech, games with live dealers have been able to obtain a wide arsenal of features, including that of a live chat function. Much like those featured on other streaming platforms such as YouTube or Twitch, the chat function on casino sites is anonymous and allows for clear communication between the dealer and players. This adds another level of realism and a social element that the more traditional fold of online games doesn’t have. In some instances, dealers can also strike up conversations with players, although entirely based on username. Live chat at online casinos or other streaming platforms works through a chat-box function. This makes it possible to talk to those on stream.

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In addition, Twitch and YouTube are good models from which other sites such as casino providers can draw further inspiration for features. However, it is not just on the front of actual streaming where online casinos could take inspiration. The likes of Twitch for instance also have a video-on-demand section where channels can upload past live streams for people to view offline. Those past broadcasts could help to not only increase the profile of the channel but also enable the actual games to draw in more players of live games and viewers of those uploaded afterwards.

Furthermore, it may be possible to implement other features such as the ability to simulcast multiple different games within their own sites. The idea of simulcasting is an old one, around since the days of video and even before. However, the key here would be to broadcast three or four different games for players to view and pick between in a similar way to, say, BT Sport. When a viewer presses the red button during certain broadcasts, they get access to other games that are not placed on the original run of channels. This usually occurs during the UEFA Europa League group stages where upwards of eight games can be broadcast at once.

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The implementation of a live chat function into online casinos has certainly brought with it some exciting benefits already, such as the simple ability to interact with other players and the dealer in a way not previously possible. With more development though, the experience offered could take on a more modern shape and allow the entire industry to grow even further on the side of broadcasting.

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