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How Do I Know If I Have A Brain Injury Case?

How Do I Know If I Have A Brain Injury Case

The Many Faces of a Brain Injury

There are many ways in which you can obtain a brain injury. In most instances, brain injuries result from someone’s negligence, and if this happens, you certainly need help financially to meet the unplanned medical debt. Financial support means compensation for any number of things such as lost wages, medical bills, pain, suffering, disability, and more.

You know you have a brain injury. You have all the symptoms of a brain injury. Your doctor ordered some testing, a CT scan, and an MRI for a definitive brain injury diagnosis. A casualty of this type is scary because you do not know what the future holds. You think back before your injury and believe that if that employee had been doing their job correctly and not been negligent, you would not have suffered an accident resulting in a brain injury. You believe you will need financial help, some compensation of some sort, but you have no idea how to go about a lawsuit of this magnitude. So, a professional brain injury lawyer from Cariati Law will help you for claiming your compensation.

Unexpected Medical Debt from a Brain Injury Can Last a Lifetime

Every day you spend in the hospital means more bills. Now you have to take some time off from work to recuperate. However, you do not know how long you will be off work. Your doctor is hoping for a quick recovery, but the doctor said that you must take one day at a time. The doctor said that he does not know when he can release you back to work. Your doctor tells you that you are going to be off work for a while. What is there for you to do with mounting debt due to your injury? Do you wonder if life will ever be the same again?

After you slip and fall at work and hit your head, you had no signs or symptoms of anything significant, except for a painful knot at the back of your head. A couple of days later, you experienced a relentless headache, slight nausea, and minor problems with your once sharp memory. Thinking that you are suffering from a case of the flu, you go to your doctor. When you relate your fall a few days earlier, he sent you for a CT scan and a brain MRI. Before you knew it, your doctor admitted you to the hospital with a significant brain injury.

This scenario is all too common and happens more then anyone cares to admit. Now you figure you better call a personal injury attorney to help you figure things out as your future has suddenly become unsure. Give the seasoned and experienced Dallas brain injury lawyers a call as soon as you can after suffering your brain injury.

There are signs and symptoms related to brain injury, and there are different levels of brain injury trauma from mild to severe. It takes the expertise of your doctor to tell you how critical your injury. A mild brain injury often goes undiagnosed and is often temporary, which causes headaches, dizziness, nausea, memory problems, and slight confusion. Mild cases are usually brief, and it is rare if mild cases have any lasting side effects.

A moderate level of brain injury means that symptoms last longer and are more severe. A severe brain injury is worse with highly unpredicted outcomes.

There is no other diagnosis that can be so unpredictable. Symptoms can vary—no matter what level of brain injury, severe long-term issues can develop. Symptoms can manifest immediately after the injury or in your case a few days after your accident.

The doctor may order additional testing, such as a neurological exam. This exam assesses movement, sensory function, thinking, balance, reflexes, and coordination. Imaging tests such as CT scans and MRI may be ordered at intervals to monitor your brain injury closely.

While slip and fall accidents and car accidents are the number one cause of brain injuries, the most susceptible to a Brain injury are children and seniors.

Traumatic brain injuries can develop from a bump or blow to the head and seem insignificant and become a significant problem. A brain injury causes cessation of normal brain function. Sometimes a person has no signs or symptoms yet gradually suffers a decrease in overall health and condition.

Brain injuries are life-changing diagnoses usually brought on by someone’s negligent act such as,

  • A car accident
  • A slip and fall accident
  • A birth injury
  • A random attack
  • Construction accidents
  • A falling object strikes your head

Recovering from brain injuries, costs much money, income loss, mounting medical bills, and possible lifetime disability, and future unforeseen debt. If you suffered a brain injury no matter how insignificant the damage may seem, you need to call a personal injury attorney who will review your case’s details and determine if you have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. A mild brain injury can bring about signs and symptoms weeks, months, and even years later. It would be best if you were sure you are well-compensated for this negligence.

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