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How Can A CMMS Benefit Small Businesses?

It would not be wrong to say that the quality of work is decided by the overall efficiency of the workplace. Thus, you must take care of all your assets and facilities and do everything it takes to keep them well maintained and in excellent condition. If the pieces of equipment are in first-class condition, then the success of any business is guaranteed.

CMMS Benefit Small Businesses

But let’s agree the task of maintenance is not easy, without proper human resource or technical expertise, it can be very overwhelming to manage a unit and execute work orders efficiently. Additionally, the task of tracking equipment health is also a daunting task. Thus, to make this difficult task easy, you need to use the maintenance management software, that can automate processes and reduce liabilities.

When it comes to maintenance software, the system that comes on top of the mind is the CMMS.

What does CMMS stand for?

The CMMS stands for Computerised Maintenance Management System is the most popular maintenance information system. The role of CMMS maintenance software is to centralise all the maintenance information so that it can be accessed by everyone in the organisation with just a click. Apart from data centralisation, the CMMS offers a plethora of benefits for all businesses. People have a misconception, that the CMMS is fit only for big companies. the truth is, CMMS is beneficial for kinds of businesses, even those that operate with only ten members.

How can small businesses benefit from a CMMS?

  • Covers all maintenance backlogs

If maintenance backlogs exceed the usual limit, then it can hamper the progress of an organisation. As per a report, the cost of backlogged maintenance at US national park was more than $10 billion, this overhead cost was a huge liability, which took years to get fixed. Thus, to control backlogs is an important task and the CMMS is equipped to balance the maintenance cost and reduce the backlogs significantly. By putting all assets under auto maintenance, the software captures even the minutest fixes and resolves it before the problems become critical. 

  • Enhances the asset lifespan

For any small business, even cost is critical. Saving on maintenance cost can make a big difference to the organisation’s growth. While we all agree that with age equipment’s become weak, most organisations suffer from early machine breakdown, due to lack of maintenance. Further to replace an asset before using it optimally, can incur huge losses to the organisation. Thus, to keep the equipment’s running in good condition, the role of maintenance software is crucial. By integrating the CMMS software with sensors, managers can easily track the health of assets and take actions immediately. When assets are maintained periodically, their lifespan automatically increases. The CMMS can achieve 85% of OEE, thus setting an Overall Equipment Effectiveness example.

  • Accelerates Repairs

The most common reason for downtime is repairs. This activity is unavoidable. However, if repairs are small, then the downtime would also be small, but if repairs are critical then they might eat up your entire day. CMMS captures even small fixes and resolves them in real-time, thus reducing the chances of failures. Further, the mobile-based CMMS notifies the technicians about any problem in real-time, thus initiating solutions on priority.

  • Work orders and requests

The traditional way of handling work orders was hectic and filled with paperwork. Plus, the task of maintaining these documents was even more challenging. With CMMS, executing work orders have become very easy. However, with the help of technology, employees can submit work orders and managers can track the progress of these work orders, in real-time.

The Bottom Line:

Managing a small business is like tight rope walking you need to check every step and, one small mistake can collapse the entire set-up. However, if every step is supported by technology and triggered by innovation, then the growth of the company is guaranteed. The road from small to big is not easy, but with the help of technology, it can be made simple and fast.

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