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How A Great Website Design Can Help Convert Leads

Having a website in this day and age is paramount to having a solid business, but the thing of it is, you cannot simply throw a website on the Internet and rake in the profits for it. Not only do you have to make sure that you are keeping your website maintained and up to date, but you also have to have a website that people actually want to use. If your website is of low quality, it is going to do you poorly, which we will explain why below.

Great website design improves lead conversion

How great website design improves lead conversion

Good website design is paramount, but it is not a singular concept. Rather, there are a number of factors that go into good website design, just as any kind of design. On the surface of things, a good website has to have an appealing aesthetic. Of course, “good” in this area is going to be a subjective determination, but there are certain design concepts that work better than others, depending on the situation. For a personal injury law firm, for example, you are going to be best served by avoiding using any garish colors, anything bright or pastel. It tends to give the impression that the website owners are not taking their job seriously, or they may simply be put off because the colors are too harsh. Everyone has certain tastes that may not align with another person’s, so the best approach for the aesthetics of your website is to pick something neutral, something inoffensive. In doing so, you reduce your chances of people leaving for the website being too garish or too dull. Just make sure that you do not get complacent with respect to the aesthetic design, as what is a good aesthetic one day may be deemed to be unappealing the next.

But of course, that is not the only thing that goes into a website’s design. Another part is the backend stuff, and honestly, one can argue that it is even more important than the website looking attractive. After all, a website that looks nice but performs poorly is going to do nothing else but frustrate visitors who are struggling to navigate it. There are a lot of technical hurdles that can rear their ugly heads. Links can suddenly die for reasons that you cannot discern, navigation can be terribly confusing, and poor load times can be a pain in the butt, leading people to hop off of your website and go to a website with technical prowess that yours was not able to achieve. There are a number of reasons why technical problems are able to pile up, and one of the big reasons for this is because maintenance is not kept up with. However, sometimes it can be that you simply were not being forward thinking about certain aspects of your website design. For example, images are always valuable to have, to an extent, on your website, as it can help illustrate basic aspects of your business. Most notable examples are photos of your business and the notable figures you advertise on it. It makes the business seem more personable and human. However, if you use too many images on one webpage at a time, it can cause the webpage to take too long to load. In order to avoid that happening, your best bet is to use images only when necessary. Sometimes, less is more.

Potential clients put a lot of stock in the quality of a website. If you do not put enough quality into your website, they are liable to up and leave, looking for greener pastures. After all, you are likely not the only example of your respective business, so if you fail to impress, they are just going to try their luck with your competitors. At times, a customer reading a bad webpage can be worse than if they did not see this bad webpage at all. When websites are designed right, both on the surface and behind the scenes, the next step is to make sure that they have a quick and convenient means by which to reach you. Either through email, telephone, or in person, this information should be easily accessible. One of the most common ways to accomplish this is to put the phone number front and center, including it at the top of the website, usually on the right. This ensures that no manner which webpage was what successfully converted them into a lead has all the information they could possibly need to receive y our products and services. Of course, always make sure that this information is consistently kept up to date, as if they get a wrong or disconnected number, they are not likely to go through hoops to find your new number.

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