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Top Elements You Need to Have for a Quality Website

Today, we will be discussing how to make sure your website is of the highest quality possible. There are two reasons for doing this. The first reason is to appeal to your customers. You want to make sure that you’re giving them a great experience, so they stick around longer on your site and convert into paying customers.

Top Elements You Need to Have for a Quality Website

On the contrary, it’s all about Google. So, you want Google to know that your website is of high quality as well. Typically speaking, the more you can make your site work for your customers and get them to engage in your content, Google will pick up on those signals. Fortunately, Google is transparent about all its ranking, so you will know what it takes to create a great, really high-quality website that pleases your visitors and the search engines. Now let’s dive into the top elements that will make your website stand out on the web.

Use Images and Videos

As you have probably noticed while looking through search metrics, the top pages all have a certain number of images, and that’s no accident. Naturally, images keep users more engaged. They also make concepts easier for users to understand. People who come to your site are going to be scanning your content rather than reading it. Therefore, images and videos make everything easier to grasp. Then, of course, the more your visitors understand your content, the longer they’re going to stick around and consume more of it.

When it comes to video, those are even better. People tend to watch a video than read about the same topic. A good video will keep people on your site longer because it takes more time to watch the video. As a result, that’s a very strong signal to Google that people are coming to your site and finding exactly what they want. Images and videos are great for SEO. You can optimize the title and the tags to go hand-in-hand with the SEO you already have with the content on your page.

Deep Relevant Content

Google has made tremendous strides towards understanding overall topics and context rather than just keywords on the page. Google wants to see that you’re covering a topic in-depth enough to be relevant and authoritative enough toward searchers. At this point, Google will reward more in-depth content with higher rankings.

By having more profound and relevant content, visitors will be impressed by your level of expertise. They will also stick around longer and convert into customers.

Longer Content

The majority of top-ranking sites in the search engines have over 900 words on their content pages. Google likes to reward pages that have approximately 2,000 or more on a page. It’s tough to go in-depth on a topic without talking about it for a certain length. Therefore, try to strive for 2,000 or more on your most important pages.


A lot of businesses make a massive mistake because they write to impress, rather than to engage and inform. Sometimes, this is not done on purpose; companies know so much about their individual niche that they think everyone else is equally as knowledgeable, and it ends up going over people’s heads. It also helps to write the way you speak. If your content is conversational, it’s going to help your content be much more engaging for the person reading it.

Scannable Web Formatting

Approximately 80% percent of people coming to your site are only going to scan your web page. Therefore, you need to format your web pages with that in mind. It will make your pages easier to digest, and the concepts easier to grasp. You can do this by using headlines and sub-headlines to break up the content. You will also want to use short sentences, paragraphs, and lists.

Show your Expertise

People only want to read articles and content that they know is from an authoritative source. So, how do you show your expertise? You could use case studies or examples to illustrate your points. Furthermore, you could link to other posts of your own or external posts to add extra credibility to your posts or pages.

In Summary

Your website serves as your digital forefront. Your website is doing business 24 hours and will reach potential customers from all over the world. Your website will be the first impression, so you must make it stand out. Knowing which web design company usually is the difference between a good site and a great site.

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