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Digital Marketing Tips To Bring In More Bankruptcy Clients

Digital marketing is a huge factor in successful marketing campaigns these days, and it is only growing more important with each passing day, especially as people figure out better ways to execute it. But as important as it is, that does not mean that it is necessarily an easy thing to get down. Heck, for many, understanding what digital marketing even entails is going to be a hurdle to overcome. To get started, we are going to check out some digital marketing tips that will help bankruptcy attorneys attract more clients.

Bankruptcy Clients

How to best employ digital marketing to bring in more bankruptcy clients

Strategic website design and marketing is paramount, and one of the most common and popular examples of digital marketing in this day and age is search engine optimization, SEO for short. SEO is basically the approach to have your website rank highly, ideally, in certain search results on Google. SEO firms doing work for bankruptcy firms follow certain guidelines in order to work with how Google’s search engine algorithm operates, such that your website will rank more highly.

There are two ways to go about doing SEO for your bankruptcy firm’s website: on-site and off-site. On-site SEO is based around creating webpages that are designed in such a way that the algorithm deems them worthwhile, relevant content. This is done through a liberal, but not excessive, use of keywords and effective formatting. In order to do this, it is important to pick out a keyword that is neither too specific nor vague. If it winds up being too specific, it may be so particular in its audience that the effort you go through to implement the keywords has few to no results in your favor. On the other hand, if you are too vague, such as using keywords to do with, say, “Colorado bankruptcy lawyer”. While this focuses exclusively on a specific area, it is still a wide enough area that you are likely to have more and tougher competition to deal with. So, if you live in Aspen, you should consider instead say “Aspen bankruptcy lawyer”. In doing so, you will have fewer lawyers vying for the attention of potential clients. There are even ways to narrow it down even further; some law firms have been noted for focusing on a borough, or even a neighborhood, in order to fulfill the wishes of a smaller niche. You should also be careful that you make an article that sounds authentic. If you have too many keywords packed too tightly through the article, you run the risk of making an article that not only sounds artificial and insincere to the readers, but which also may be deemed spam by the Google algorithm, leading you to potentially do less than had you not tried at all. Meanwhile, off-site SEO involves a kind of collaborative process, having other websites link to your website or webpage attached to relevant keywords in those other websites’ articles. SEO for bankruptcy lawyers is a valuable thing to have, so don’t hesitate to look into it as an option.

SEO is a fairly successful route to take, but as mentioned, it is not the only one. PPC marketing does good work for websites that use it. Unlike SEO, which involves getting the Google algorithm to push a webpage higher up certain Google search terms, PPC marketing involves a person spending money in exchange for the opportunity to put certain webpages in specific results that you choose. You ever see a webpage on a Google search result with the word “Ad” to the side? Yeah, that is PPC marketing. PPC marketing is helpful, providing a certain amount of pay for every click that a person made on the ad. PPC’s big advantage is that it lacks uncertainty. At least by comparison to SEO, where you have to not only push it up a search result and crossing your fingers that you figured out the Google algorithm out well enough. Once you get an ad on a search result that is to your liking, you are able to ensure that it remains with some visibility, so long as you can afford to keep it planted there. With SEO, you have to make sure to keep up with SEO best practices, or else you’ll find the algorithm leaving your webpage behind in search results.

The next idea is something a little more complicated, but perhaps something more to the speed of a less tech-savvy owner of a bankruptcy law firm. You should still retain the services of an SEO expert, but it may not go over your head. Namely, look into online webinars and workshops. By doing this, you can put your expertise front and center, attracting potential clients by showing off just how well-learned you are in the field in which you are most celebrated. This can be useful to people who also work in the industry but are maybe not as well-learned as they might like to be, but also for people who are looking to better understand the field before they engage with it as a prospective client.

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