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Hire Senior Software Developers: Busting The Top 5 Myths of Recruitment

The pandemic certainly threw a wrench in many of our plans, throwing constant challenges in the obstacle course of our professional lives; yet, along with these challenges we were also given opportunities. One such opportunity is having a peek at remote work culture and remote teams.

Senior Software Developers

When we set out to hire senior software developers, recruiting remotely helps us to cast our nets over a wider school of fish. However, we have also come across stories of communication mishaps, language and geographical barriers and unrequited commitment problems while working with a remote team.

So if you are contemplating hiring a remote team of developers but are hesitant to take the plunge due to the numerous rumours and hearsay, then worry not! We are here to bust a few myths about remote teams and shed some light on the benefits of tapping into a global talent pool.

#1 Effective communication is a huge obstacle when working with  remote senior software developers

A common myth when looking to hire senior software developers is the communication challenges that remote engineers face. While this is a founded fear, it is also a prehistoric one. A stable internet connection and an innate ability to put across ideas and developments are the only requirements that you should be worried about.

In general, many organizations have inadequate scheduling standards, with management deciding on meetings with little to no notice. Working with a remote team makes this more difficult and forces management to be more disciplined, and therefore, more productive and systematic.

There are plenty of senior software development engineers who struggle with both offline and online business, technical, and non-technical communication. So holding remote work as the accountable party, doesn’t really make a lot of difference.

#2 Time zone is an issue when we hire senior software developers

When working with a global team spanning across different time zones and continents, many organizations are deeply concerned about navigating through the time differences, such as:

  • Difficulty in reaching them out during an emergency,
  • Delay in executing work/action,
  • Issue with accessibility.

The above mentioned points are the common objections management has against hiring remote senior software engineers. However, like most other concerns, this myth too can also be dispelled as an ancient artifact. By setting up a proper schedule, having regular meetings, utilizing asynchronous  communication channels like Asana, Hangouts, Slack or Telegram, and by designing processes that will strengthen the team bond, time zone issues will be a mere whisper of an echo.

Having an efficient documentation process will make all the difference while working with a remote team that operates on all sorts of crazy time zones. Thoroughly documenting every small detail may initially seem a tad bit overboard, but at a later stage, these documentations will prove to be life-savers. They are a great tool for developers and new recruits to fall back on.

As organizations set out to hire senior software developers, it is important to know that companies must keep the lines of communications open between remote teams and the management. Friendly communication must be encouraged as it builds team spirit and therefore, a sense of community, which is crucial while working with remote teams.

#3 Managing remote senior software engineers is an exhausting process

Managing a team when you cannot continuously keep them under your watchful eyes seems like a ridiculous thing to do. However studies, like this one done by the BBC, have shown that remote teams perform better in comparison to on-site developers. Managers tend to think that remote developers do not really ‘work’ and are slacking under company time. However, developers have proven to be more productive while working in an environment of their choice.

Employers are particularly concerned about how employee evaluations are possible while managing remote teams. However, this concern can be squashed through periodic check-ups and a little planning. The pros of having a world-class team at your services certainly outweigh the negligible cons.

A global talent pool does not decrease the productivity of the team, in contradiction, it only serves to boost productivity. Having a team that is widespread brings new perspectives, practices and innovative ideas to the table, which serves to further develop the engineering practices and products of the company.

#4 When we hire senior software developers, we may be exposing ourselves to security Risks

This is a very valid fear! Compromised data can lead to a whole lot of troubles for companies, and as such must be avoided at all costs. The consequences for the breach of corporate security are enormous, and security and compliance personnel are terrified. However, many of the security concerns raised by home computers connecting to the corporate network are the same issues that arise in the office when a less responsible employee uses a company computer.

However, a team of remote senior software engineers does not necessarily mean putting yourself at risk. Companies must apply a little foresight while recruiting senior software development engineers. The developers must be put through a thorough vetting process and should be evaluated fairly on the basis of their previous experiences, skill sets, problem-solving abilities, and ability to meet deadlines sincerely.

A remote senior software engineer that ticks all these boxes will only serve to further develop the company and engineering practices. Companies may be surprised to find that the quality of work will also be of the highest standard and the product features, ideations, and shipment expectations may be far more superior when working with a remote team, in comparison to working with a local team.

#5 Remote senior software developers are no match for Silicon Valley developers

The biggest misconception that prevails in the industry is that hiring the highest cost senior software engineer from Silicon Valley is guaranteed to provide you with the crème de la crème of developers in the world. What if we told you that companies can hire Silicon Valley quality developers from across the globe at half the price? This is because many talented developers are often undiscovered due to geographical differences, time zone limitations, or simply because companies are hesitant to hire remotely.

Our advice – Push the metal on the pedal and just go for it! Once all proper precautions have been taken, you will discover that hiring a skilled remote developer is a far better option than splurging on a Silicon Valley developer, when both the developers are of the same calibre.


Now that we have faced the facts behind the illusions, we can now overcome the prejudiced reservations and hire senior software developers with ease. There will be a multitude of applicants for remote senior software engineer jobs, however companies need to weed out the crop and only select the best after putting them through rigorous tests and developing a certain amount of confidence in their skills.

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