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Skills That Make a Perfect DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers are IT professionals who are DevOps practitioners. They have day-to-day responsibilities to work with software developers, IT operational staff, system operators. They also oversee and/or ease code on releases or deployment on a CD/CI basis.

Perfect DevOps Engineer

DevOps are creating a culture of collaboration between business, operations and development teams. DevOps engineers are a skill set that every software developer and not just operational folks master. Though we will mention what skills are required, but enrolling for courses like AWS Developer Associate certification in Prague will automatically result in you having these below skills while exceling in it.

Skills that every DevOps engineer must have are: 

Scripting and knowledge of Linux

Developers must possess quality skills in scripting code. Be it JavaScript, python, ruby or Perl, PHP, node.js a successful DevOps should know how to write code.

Linux is the most preferred operating system in the world. It is a secure operating system like windows. Many DevOps tools in configuration management have their architecture based on Linux master nodes. These tools help in managing infrastructure with any scripting language like Ruby, Python, etc. . The knowledge of Linux and Linux scripting is essential. 

Collaboration skills

A successful DevOps engineer cannot master alone, collaboration is a necessity. Collaboration happens between software development and software operation. Collaboration and communication bring more cross-functionality. There should always be transparency between the team members. A DevOps engineer must have collaboration skills. 

Security skills

Security is of the utmost importance in coding. A hacker can get into the system through vulnerabilities to get into the data.  DevOps works in speed, automation and quality. DevOps engineers should always write code that is protected from various unwanted attacks. You can check DevOps Foundation Training to work on security skills.

DevOps engineers must also ensure systems have defence mechanisms against vulnerabilities. It is important to build in secure software at the initial state of deployment, rather than adding it in later. 

Testing skills

Every developer comes up with lots of codes to work on their ideal product. Testing is crucial to every DevOps success. DevOps engineers must know their way around test automation, which will allow them to move faster with daily work. Deliveries such as product monitoring and testing.

DevOps engineers collaborate with QA to decide the type of existing test automation frameworks in need. Manual testing also has a role to play, even in a fast-moving CI/Cd environment.

Exploratory testing is necessary to:

  • Explore the alternative paths
  • Test scenarios that are difficult to automate
  • Test scenarios that do not have ROI time to automate.


Quick Decision-making is one of the key skills employers look for in their employees. DevOps should have the ability to confidently and quickly decide on a hustle environment. Quick decisions allow the engineers to develop rapidly and new changes in the deployment of coding. Faster deployment gives faster returns to the customer and gives rapid feedback from the end-users.

Sometimes, colleagues do coding and one must have the guts to accept and reject the codings to increase the speed of development. A faster rollout process will allow time to work on multiple projects and gain more client satisfaction.


To be an effective DevOps engineer, the DevOps engineer must possess the ability to develop continuously. They should have the ability to work in flexible hours and adapt to the changing code. They must also feel comfortable changing from one area of software construction to another. It could be in integration, testing, releasing, operations into code.

A team that embraces DevOps must adopt change now and then. Every team member should accept a role change or a requirement change. As coding is an ongoing process and needs updating always.

Soft skills

DevOps engineers must have soft skills as well as technical skills. They work with people and culture rather than tools and practices, which is why people skills are a must. effective communication and proactiveness between the team members create positive vibes among them. This reflects on the quality of the deliverables and finishes.

Other soft skills like:

  • Taking ownership
  • Empathy
  • Positive attitude
  • Self-control
  • Listening skills
  • Conflict resolutions
  • Sense of humor
  • Depersonalization

Non-operating DevOps skills

DevOps engineers need to be good in productive environments, as well as infrastructure and cloud. Engineers should have a basic working understanding of data and cloud infrastructure components.

Without a clear understanding of infrastructure, it is hard to be a successful DevOps engineer. DevOps engineers should always take on an active part in making sure security for delivering code continuously.

Bottom line

To succeed in the DevOps career path, one must have a DevOps Foundation Certification, which can make you skillful in all the things mentioned above. DevOps is about breaking down the gap between development teams, operation teams and business teams to deliver a high-quality product. DevOps focuses on customer satisfaction and is a great team player. Through DevOps Foundation training you can upskill with great learnings and unlock your dream Career.

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