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Hadoop Developer-Job Responsibilities & Skills

Hadoop is highly demanded technology of today. The terms like machine learning, data science, Big Data, and Hadoop, etc are very popular today. When these technologies are combined, results are very powerful and enormous. This is the reason why companies have turned their faces towards these tools and technologies and have started looking for experts who can work independently in these areas.

Hadoop Developer-Job Responsibilities & Skills

Well, today we are going to talk about job-related responsibilities of one such technology which is none other than Hadoop. When it comes to bulk and massive data and computation to be done on it, the facilitation is done via Hadoop. Hadoop comes with a software framework that helps in processing of the big data.

The primary duty of a Hadoop developer is to code out all the Hadoop based applications. The role appears similar to that of a software developer.  The only difference is that Hadoop is a crucial part of big data. Now, let’s take a look at some of the major responsibilities of a Hadoop developer and what are the skills required to become one.

Job Responsibilities of a Hadoop Developer:

There are multiple tasks to be handled by a Hadoop developer. The job responsibilities completely depend on the sector an employee is working in. it can differ based on domains to domains.

Following are some of the major job responsibilities of a Hadoop developer irrespective of the domain he or she is the part of:

  • Development and implementation activities of Hadoop
  • Loading the data sets from all the available data sources.
  • Preprocessing of the data using the Pig and Hive
  • Doing complete Hadoop installation in windows and in another operating system, doing the complete configuration and further doing other support activities.
  • Translating the requirements that are complex into the understandable design document to enhance the readability.
  • Maintaining the privacy of data and data security
  • Querying the data at high speed
  • Performing the analysis of the huge amount of raw data available and bringing useful insights out of it.
  • Creation of web services that are highly scalable and have the superb performance for the purpose of data tracking.
  • Deploying the HBase and further managing it.
  • Building the new clusters of Hadoop.
  • To bring out the best standards and practices to be followed.
  • Test all the available prototypes and further oversee all the handovers done to the operational team.

The career in Hadoop is very bright since there are plenty of opportunities to grow with it. If you feel like you have an interest in doing the above jobs, it is the right time that you get skilled up in order to get selected for one such job role.

Skills required to become a Hadoop Developer

Now that you have understood what are the roles and responsibilities of a Hadoop developer so it is correct time to have a quick look at what are the mandatory skills in order to become a skilled Hadoop developer.

Below are the possible skill sets every Hadoop developer from all domains should have:

  • Very basic and mandatory is knowledge in Hadoop
  • You should have a good understanding of at least one backend programming language like Java and Node.js etc.
  • You should have the ability to work with MapReduce jobs
  • You should be able to write high-performance code which is easy to maintain and are reliable.
  • You should have knowledge of writing scripts in Pig Latin.
  • It is mandatory to have exceptional knowledge of the database structure along with the practices and principles.
  • Good to have experience of HiveQL.
  • You should be familiar with tools like Sqoop and Flume used for data loading.
  • It is good to have an understanding of Oozie.
  • You should have a clear understanding of concurrency and multi-threading based concepts.

Once you attain these above-mentioned skills, getting the job as Hadoop developer will not be a tough task anymore. You can get these skills after taking the Hadoop training in Pune from Petaa Bytes. They excel in offering the best training on the course and at the end, you will be equipped with all the above-mentioned skills and knowledge.

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