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Easy Way To Use The Email Checker

Verification tool

We designed a verification tool for you in which you verify your email very easily. Here we have the checker software that is designed for you and it’s free. You can use this tool to check that all details about your email.

Easy Way To Use The Email Checker

Your email is fully safe here. There is no hacking instrument add in this software.  You can use the checker very easily. This is not difficult to use. Just follow some steps and find that your email is real or not. This software is so effortless. We don’t need you any personal information to tell you about your email

Follow the steps

1-     You can go to the site for checking your email

2-     Find the clock where you write the email address

3-     Write your email address there

4-     Then after writing you just press enter

5-     When you pressed enter you saw a notification (check your email to confirm the verification)

6-     Go to your email

7-     Check your inbox

8-     Click on the verification box

9-     Your verification is started now

After these steps, your email verification is done.

How the verification process is done?

This software extracts the MX record of email servers and then connects the MX record directly to the SMTP mail server. The mail server sends you an email verification message. When you received that mail so it means you are using the right email address.

 The email address just belongs you. So, this thing is proved very easily that you are the right user and you can use the exact email domain.

In case of don’t receive any mail

If you can’t receive any mail from the mail server so it means that your account is hacked. Or some other person is also involved that use this email. So then this is the time you take action for the email. Then you start your full email verification from our site.

We provide you the full detailed information about your email. You try to block your account of you find such type of issue. You can store much personal information in y our e-mail. So try to aware of these hackers.

Email importance

Email is very important now a day. All marketing is run on through the internet and people connecting through the internet by email. Because the email has a large capacity to save many mails in them. So for verification purposes, marketers use email verification tool.

How many times you use this software

 You can use this tool 4 to 5 times in the day. The tool always gives you updates about your email. When you used the email verification service so, you know about your email that all store information is secure in your email or not.

You can save more data in them or not. And you can check it on regular bases. So if you checked your email daily so you don’t need to worry about that. Because we can always take care of your all information

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