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Get To Know Ansible

In a few simple words, Ansible is an accessible IT automation program that helps you deploy your apps. Knowing this, let’s explore some of the best practices when it comes to the basics of Ansible.

basics of Ansible

Pros Of Learning Ansible Basics

It’s a free and open source platform with many people contributing to it every day. Not only that, the most advanced IT people in the world are using it as their preferred platform. One of those reasons is because it is a very simple implementation from the start, so it’s very quick to set up properly.

What You Should Know About Ansible

There are some basics you should know about Ansible and how to dive head first into the platform. Here are just a couple things you will want to be familiar with.


Managed nodes are provided by ‘inventory sources’. Inventory can point to data unique to each node, such as an IP address.


A playbook is simply an item made of ‘plays’ list. Each play will do a specific function to complete the purpose of the playbook. Playbooks are in YAML format with a minimum of syntax.

Other Helpful Information

Ansible is very versatile to the point where the nodes do not require any installed software order to function. Ansible then uses information about which machines you’re managing from the inventory.

When connecting to servers, note that Ansible uses SSH protocol by default, and will also use SSH when connecting to remote machines. There is no need for a root login when making these connections.

How You Can Learn More About Ansible

There are a lot of companies and courses out there that will give the opportunity to learn more about Ansible through their programs and instructions. Shop around to find the best one that will suit your needs as well as your pricepoint.


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