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Four Tips for Brilliant Business Newsletters

When running your business, you have a lot of things to consider, including marketing. An email newsletter should be a part of your ongoing marketing efforts. You want to keep the customers you already have and to let them know what you’re doing, and newsletters help you accomplish this. Here is how to make your newsletter is the best that it can be.

Brilliant Business Newsletters

1) Make it Personal

You want to connect with your readership as much as possible. Your business newsletter should be personal. You want to avoid business-speak in the letters that you send out. You want to connect and create a relationship with your readers. For example, one way you can do this is to tell a story. You might relate that story to what you’re trying to sell or to an article that you have written. Make the reader part of your family, and you can do this by creating newsletters that are more personal.

Keep the newsletter as friendly and relaxed as you can. Refer to the readers as your friend or as a valued customer. Make them feel special, so you can create a lasting business relationship with them. The readers want to know that they’re going to get something valuable if they read your content, watch a video, and so on. If you keep the relationship on a personal level, your customers are going to want to read your content time and time again. You might reward your newsletter readers with something free just for reading your newsletter. This could be a percentage off on a product, a free article, or other content.

2) Watch for Errors

When you write your newsletters, it’s critical that your newsletter content is free from errors. There’s nothing worse than sending out a newsletter that has grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and other errors. This does not make you look professional, and you can easily lose readers if the content you’re sending is not of a high-quality. Make sure that the newsletter displays properly on all browsers. It should also be mobile-friendly as most people today read newsletters on their mobile devices. Do some testing so that everything displays in the manner that you want.

Another thing you want to avoid is sending newsletters that have all caps in the headings. This looks like you are shouting at the reader. You can use words such as “attention” or “dear valued reader,” but don’t make headlines that are all in all caps as this will look like a spam message to the reader, and they might delete it. Make the heading is clear as possible so that the reader knows what they’re going to be getting when they read your newsletter.

3) Valuable Content

Another key aspect that you need to consider when making a small business newsletter is the content. You want the reader to get something out of the newsletter. You should not just send sales pitches to your customer base. This will not get you new sales, and the reader is probably going to unsubscribe if you are pestering them to buy something. When you do send a sales newsletter, make sure that you include extra content, so the reader gets something in return. For example, you might link to helpful videos, product reviews, industry news, your next event, and so on. You could include a free offer or perhaps a discount for making a purchase in the past.

Everything you send has to have some sort of value to the reader. People today have short attention spans, and if you’re not offering them something for reading your newsletter, they’ll probably just delete it or not read it at all. You could let them know that you can get more information through your website, social media channels, and so on. The more valuable the content is to the reader, the better it’s going to be for your business. This is what’s going to make a successful newsletter.

4) Great Design

When you create your content, you should have a newsletter design that is similar to your website. You want your reader to recognize your brand. Try to have images, logos, and other content that is similar to your site. Try not to use too many images in the newsletter, so it loads properly. Check all the graphics and content before you send a newsletter to make sure everything is working properly.

Most people today can read HTML newsletters as well as ones that have embedded content such as videos. You should still send a text version or the link to a text version of the newsletter so everyone can read the content as some people don’t have the ability to read HTML newsletters if they use older email clients.


The main reason you want a small business newsletter is to connect with your readers. It is not supposed to be a sales pitch, so make sure you keep the newsletter as friendly as possible. Provide valuable content for the reader, and they will come back to visit your business often. Make sure that the newsletter doesn’t contain any errors and that it has a great design. Spend some time creating the best newsletter that you can as it will help your business grow as well as provide value for your customers.

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