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Five Locations in Yorkville Where You Can Buy Decent And Affordable Condos

Yorkville is a preferred location when it comes to buying a condo. This lovely neighborhood offers the best in terms of the facility. The moment you arrive, the exquisite restaurants, art galleries, beautiful condo apartments, and malls will be sure to attract your attention. You won’t be surprised to discover that Yorkville condos are in high demand, and you might be among the teeming population of people looking to call Yorkville home. However, it is always essential to know the best locations in Yorkville to get a condo. This article helps list five such areas.

1. Yorkville Avenue:

Over the years, Yorkville avenue has witnessed tremendous growth in all respect. Yorkville Avenue is home to impressive condos. From the moment you arrive at this special district, you are sure to see condominiums that suit your tastes. Some of the best spots to buy your condo in Yorkville Avenue includes 18 Yorkville Avenue, 68 Yorkville Avenue, and so on. Yorkville avenue condos come with impressive facilities, are strategically sited, and affordable.

2. Bloor Street:

Bloor street is a central residential and commercial area in Yorkville. In both respects, Bloor street performs admirably. Bloor street boasts of desirable facilities, malls, cafes, streetcar lines, and even subways. Condos Mapper lists various interconnected condos at places like 110Bloor street, 200Bloor street, and 102 Bloor street. Bloor Street has so many benefits for its residents. Its proximity to nature, serenity, access to museums, malls, galleries, among others, makes it an ideal place to buy a condo.

3. Cumberland Street:

Cumberland street offers one of Yorkville’s most luxurious high-rise condos. Cumberland gives you an environment best suited to meet your needs. From the very first step you take in Cumberland street, you are welcome with an exquisite view of shops, cafes, museums, and other facilities that have cemented its reputation as one of the most sought-after places in the world.

4. Scollard Street:

Every condo in Scollard Street offers you a remarkable experience. From its inception, Scollard Street has warmed the hearts of many because of its stunning environment. The Scollard Street view is a mixture of Victorian and modern buildings, all carefully intertwined. There are many available condos on Scollard Street, all of the varieties to suit your specific demands. On condo mapper, there are currently various listings for condos available for sale. This condo is strategically located, offering the best of Rockville.

5. Hazelton Avenue:

Hazelton Avenue is a serene environment that sits quietly in the bustling Rockville’s heart. Hazelton is the right place to be when it comes to getting condos with ease and enjoying various perks that come with it. Hazelton offers you the best facilities available. A Hazelton avenue survey shows that you can enjoy easy access to its fancy restaurants, cafes, galleries, and so on. Hazelton avenue, like other bustling Yorkville cities, has its condos listed on various websites. However, to quickly access this listing, you can visit Condo Mapper.


No doubt, Yorkville is a highly coveted place when it comes to condos. The reasons are not far-fetched; Yorkville has witnessed steady growth over the years. If you seek to buy a condo of your own, Yorkville is the best place to visit. Just visit any of its five bustling cities, and you will still get a condo of your dreams.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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