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What are Crypto Applications and How to Choose Best Crypto Application?

The crypto applications were created to be a better version of the web. If you are using a website to access a particular platform, you may encounter several difficulties in doing so; You may face privacy risks, connection errors, or downloaded caches to consume storage on your device.

Websites give us access to platforms, but the negative effect could result in one way or another. Therefore, the developers created applications to ensure convenience, ease of use, and data protection. In applications, you can easily save, download, and share information without accessing the web.

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However, in this category of Crypto links, there are more interested in Android apps for cryptocurrencies. Android apps are still straightforward to download as long as the device is running on an Android iOS. You can download all the apps on the site with the link provided on their website or just a quick launch on the Google Play Store and download the app.

Android Crypto Apps

Many Android crypto apps could be for trading, news, books, videos, etc., the best of all is what interests us. The best Android apps for cryptocurrencies with great features, unique designs and convenient use.

Need to Consider Some Factors While Choosing Crypto App

There are some factors to keep in mind that will help you to choose the best crypto app. These factors are;


The tools are significant assets for any platform, and with an application, their use cannot be overstated. The devices can be of various forms depending on the type of application and the functions available. Often the most common types of tools are the data tool and the chart tool. Few sites in this category do not have any graphics creation tools.

These two tools have a lot in common, but they are different in some ways. For a data tool, they are known to provide quick information on prices, historical data, calculators, etc. For a charting tool, a graphical analysis of a cryptocurrency is the more influential the application tool, the better its use.


Sometimes, many users complain that they cannot access their applications for one reason or another. A useful application must be accessible from anywhere in the world. It would help if you had mobile control over your application and not the other way around.

It also shouldn’t be too complex to use, that is, simple and easy to use. An app with too much information, details or options will only annoy the user, and its full potential may not be reached.

Widgets and Features

Widgets are essential for displaying useful information such as price tracking for price alert applications and recent updates for crypto news applications. With the help of a widget, the site becomes less cumbersome so that you can enjoy a mobile experience.

Additionally, other features are important because they ultimately resolve debates and disputes between users. For example, 2 Android crypto apps offer the same services with all the factors considered above. The only way to determine which is the best of them is to compare and contrast the functionality of both. 

The best app always has advanced and outstanding features. However, the quality of these functions depends on the type of Android device. Features are important, and when selecting them, you need to make sure they deliver the best mobile experience you want.

All of the above factors are important in selecting the best applications for any of your encryption businesses. Crypto Links compiled the list of best crypto applications of the Android.

  • Bitcoin Checker
  • Crypto Price I.Q.
  • Bitcoin Ticker
  • Coinbase
  • Blockchain Wallet. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum.
  • Block folio Bitcoin/Altcoin App

Bitcoin Checker

Bitcoin Checker on Google Play is one of the best crypto monitoring apps. With this application, users can monitor cryptocurrencies on more than 80 exchanges. This application is straightforward and easy to use. This is perfect for those who want to check a coin’s price and don’t need to map or analyse in-depth.

The development team of bitcoin checker is very active and actively works with his community to develop and maintain its high-quality attributes. The app is regularly updated and often captures new coins within a few days of launch, making it one of the top competitors in its niche.


See prices in your notification bar at a glance—track several hundred altcoins. Bitcoin Checker is regularly updating his app and adding new coins. Synchronize defined currency pairs directly with the exchange server. Android persistence and rich notifications in the status bar. Customizable announcements using voice synthesis. Home / lock screen widget (Android 3.0+). Light and dark themes available.

Bitcoin Ticker Widget

You can be found this application on Google Play and is available on all Android devices. This widget-based app is very simple and straightforward, but it offers a lot of value to its users.

The application allows users to set up a beautifully designed widget. That displays real-time data on a specific cryptocurrency and price data from a respective cryptocurrency exchange. You will be able to seamlessly monitor your favourite cryptos from anywhere on your home screen. The widget can be resized to fit the entire screen or take one block of space.

The development team seems to be very active and adds new coins a few days after its launch. They also seem to interact with their users and respond to all comments. This app is excellent for adding a visually appealing widget to your Android device. 


Coinbase, a vast global cryptocurrency exchange is now available on Android! This app has been designed from the ground up to provide a leading mobile cryptocurrency trading experience. Coinbase has more than 10 million customers. Downloading the Coinbase app on Android gives you the ability to trade crypto assets with all these users!

Coinbase offers a FREE wallet service! This means you can store your cryptocurrencies directly in your wallet, managing them from your Android devices. (Remember that keeping large amounts in an exchange wallet does not guarantee 100% security and is not suitable from a security point of view for large assets’ long-term storage.)


You can check balance, transaction history, and transaction details for all your Coinbase account at a glance. Store many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ether, and many altcoins. Request funds from other users in specific rooms. Buy and sell cryptocurrencies seamlessly, in the palm of your hands—various payment methods, including bank account, PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, etc. Send money to anyone who accepts cryptocurrencies quickly and safely. Check here for more information.


This application has been created for the sake of simplicity. His mission was to create a cryptocurrency wallet that anyone can use with great ease. You can even upload existing wallets to the app and manage them without having to transfer your cryptocurrencies.

It seems that the development team is very active and makes sure that the application is up to date. They also encourage users to get in touch with their “best support team.”

Brought to the Android app store by Blockchain Luxembourg S.A., the Blockchain wallet app offers users the ability to manage their digital assets directly from their phone with full functionality.


Easy integration of cryptocurrency portfolio management with informative but straightforward screens. Send and receive bitcoin, ether and bitcoin instantly. Currency conversion rates for more than 20 currencies. The transparent exchange between Bitcoin, Ether and Bitcoin Cash. All keys are stored on the client-side, ensuring that only you have access to your funds. Comprehensive security centre and Two-factor authentication implementation options.

Block Folio Bitcoin

Block folio is a popular cryptocurrency tracking application available on IOS and Android devices. It is not uncommon for various cryptocurrency assets to float on different wallets and exchanges. With that said, keeping track of all of them can be painful and knowing your crypto net worth is almost impossible in this scenario without tons of compiled and mathematical information. 

Block folio seeks to solve this problem by allowing users to add their cryptocurrencies, amounts, specific locations, and compile all data for an easy-to-use portfolio management centre.


Integration of significant media including Coin desk, Coin Telegraph, and more. Easily add transaction details that result in automatic wallet updates. Transparent and easy-to-use cross-platform portfolio tracking software. Track prices and market movements of more than 3000 currencies. Over 30 fiat currency options to choose from and convert pricing information. Block folio signal updates. Software for creating trend charts and personal portfolios. Developer news updates and developer notifications for your favourite parts Wallet

Coins. P.H. was introduced to the Google App Store by Coins Asia and is mainly focused on cryptocurrency users in the Philippines. However, it also has many useful financial functions outside of the cryptocurrency.

This wallet handles all your financial avenues, including banking, Beep card, subscriptions, cryptocurrencies, bill payment, ATM usage, and online shopping. The best? It’s free and at no cost! It seems a must-have for all Android users in the Philippines.


Easy purchase, sale and transfer of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple without using a bank account. Load your Beep card and access your balance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Receive a 10% discount instantly when you load funds onto any prepaid Smart, Talk n Text, Globe, TM or Sun phone. Receive a PHP 5 discount every time you pay a new one-time invoice. Receive an additional 100 PHP for every five outstanding invoice payments you make each week—access to over 70 freight promotions for the Philippines’ top mobile service providers.


Cryptonator, found on the Google Play Store, is here to protect and store your cryptocurrency with an innovative wallet design. It claims to allow fast and easy direct transactions and instant exchanges between cryptocurrencies, combined with a high level of security, anonymity and privacy. These accounts are free, and the cryptonator is entirely intuitive. It supports many coins.

That being said, it appears that the app stopped working and was last updated in June 2018. There are many negative comments about recent nightmare accounts for the app, not allowing them to log in or access their accounts.

Confused by this, you decided to download the app and give it a try. It allowed you to go through the account creation process and not connect to the account you just created.

There is reason enough to believe that this app may be dead. The development team doesn’t seem to care as they don’t post news, updates, or respond to the myriad of negative reviews that fill their Google Store page. It’s a shame because this app seems to have been quite useful at some point in the past.


This handy little Android app from Gefara gives you access to a crypto world map in the palm of your hand. It is the simplest and easiest app for finding Bitcoin/crypto ATMs near you. One clicks, and you have access to all ATMs in your area.

Many people did not download the app, and there are only 52 reviews in total. However, it seems that most of the people enjoyed using this map. Upon downloading Bitmap, you were notified of all ATMs in all convenience stores in Taiwan. You will not know all about 711, Family Mart, etc. he had a machine that allows the purchase of cryptocurrencies and even the possibility of paying for goods with his crypto.

The application is beneficial for people who do not use or have access to online exchanges. Bitcoin ATMs generally charge a reasonably high fee and are not always easy to use. With that said, it can be the fastest and easiest way to get crypto quickly. A bitmap is an interesting little app!

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