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Five Budgeting Apps that Will Revolutionize your Finances

From fitness tracking to daily meditation, and news to traffic updates, nowadays we use apps for just about everything under the sun. So it would make sense to use an app to track your income and budgeting, right? Personal finance apps come in handy when you need to keep track of your daily expenses and monthly income. They’re an easy way to help improve your budgeting skills without ever having to use a boring old excel spreadsheet. When you’re in a financial jam, it may feel like a quick fix to go for a prepaid card or take out a loan. But with a quick download of one of these apps, you’ll get your finances on track way faster than you thought!

Five Budgeting Apps that Will Revolutionize your Finances

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The following apps listed below are some of the best money management apps on the market, so read on to see how they can revolutionize your finances.

  1. Mint. One of the reasons why this is such a widely-used app is because of how easily it syncs with your bank accounts in order to make it easier for you to track your income and expenditure in real time. It also helps you easily create a personal budget and even tracks your bills by sending you an alert when your bills are due. So if nothing else, Mint can help you to never be late paying your bills again. Did we mention that it’s also free to use?
  2. PocketGuard. If you want an app that does more than just track your finances, PocketGuard will hold your hand by studying your debts and bills and providing you with effective strategies to stay on top of both. This is all while it tracks every single purchase you make and presents its conclusions to you in an easy to understand chart so you can see your financial health in a snapshot. PocketGuard costs only $3.99, but they do offer a free trial if you want to see if this app is right for you and your finances.
  3. Every Dollar. Created by the famed finance guru Dave Ramsey, this app blends budgeting with your bank accounts to show you where you’re at financially. You can use Every Dollar to create and manage multiple budgets, access multiple devices with bank level security, and track transactions you make. And Every Dollar is free to use!
  4. You Need a Budget (YNAB). YNAB is one of the most popular finance apps for a reason. YNAB allow you to easily create an income-based financial budget. This is where every incoming dollar is assigned to a specific spending task, which means you can always know exactly where your money is going and adjust your expenditure accordingly. YNAB has a mobile and desktop version and is free for the first 34 days, after which you pay $6.99. The best YNAB feature is undoubtedly the debt payoff feature that helps you work towards paying off a debt.
  5. CountAbout. If you’re looking for an app with fewer bells and whistles that will easily link to your bank account, then CountAbout may be the one for you. This app works with so many financial institutions that there is a chance it can sync with your bank. At $10 year, you can use CountAbout to track all your transactions and spending habits so that you can get a head start on building a personal budget that works for you. It’s also the only mobile financial app that allows you to sync with Mint and Quicken.
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