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9 Ways to Get a Bigger Audience for Your Conference Using Streaming At

Imagine you host an offline conference. You want to promote it the best you can to attract as many participants as you can. You’ve probably hit many obstacles like to small conference room capacity or even location of your audience as they have to drive to your place and in many cases get an accommodation at a hotel. Travel costs can also be a show stopper for many participants. We come with a solution for you.

Conference Using Streaming At LiveWebinar

With LiveWebinar you can easily stream your conference to the Internet. This way you get more and more participants. At the same time your conference can be streamed to a webinar room, Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube. LiveWebinar streaming will boost your audience like you’ve not seen ever before.

When it comes to streaming a business conference, there are a lot of good practises. Here are some essential ones:

  1. Pay attention to stream quality

If you don’t provide your audience with clear transmission you can simply put them off. Especially when you’ve decided to monetize your stream through pay-per-view.

Make sure you have a good bandwidth on site – speed and stability are crucial. In many cases you will share your bandwidth with all participants in the conference room – avoid that. You want to have a dedicated connection only for you streaming purposes.

  1. Double check before you go live

Set up all the gear a day before. Don’t forget to check if the audio has the right volume and check if sound is synced with a video. If you have a chance to check everything once again just before the conference starts, do it.

  1. Generate buzz

80% of virtual attendees have never been to their association’s physical meeting. 20-40% of virtual attendees attend the physical meeting the following year. –

Watching stream from physical event is a great alternative for individuals who live on the other side of the globe, who can’t afford a plane ticket or entrance fee. Make sure you promote this alternative on your conference landing page.

Have you considered streaming your event to Facebook or YouTube? This will extremely rise your audience range. With LiveWebinar you can easily do stream simultaneously to all that destinations with no additional equipment required.

  1. Get new leads – invite online participants for the next year

According to research done by Digitell, 10-30% of people who decided to sign up for live streaming became a regular, psychical attendee of the conference next year. That’s why you should use online streaming as an investment into your next year’s conferences.

A good advice – offer your online participants a discount for your next year event. Keep their email addresses so you can remind them about that in a few months.

  1. Keep you online audience busy

According to Facebook Live, users watch live video 3x longer and comment 10x more than recorded footage. –

Don’t let you attendees lose their focus and close the stream during a session break. Remember they do not feel the same as regular participants. The best would be to show them some interviews with exhibitor or speakers, but good advertisements would also be enough.

Just keep them watching till the break ends.

  1. Make your streams more interactive

According to Hubspot, 52% of marketers worldwide named video as the content with the best ROI.

A good practice is to involve your online participants into your event. The simplest way is to give them a chat option so they can ask questions or discuss with others. Keep in mind that you probably should have someone who will moderate the chat and answer their questions.

Live Streaming gives you also more options – enable close captioning that can be translated to different languages. Text version of the spoken part of the stream will be useful not only for people who will be watching your stream in a noisy environment but especially for foreigners who don’t know the language in which whole conference is broadcasted.

  1. Don’t be afraid of online streaming

Research from the industry, done by, shows that 98% of companies have seen no impact on their physical event while they decided to stream it online. Live Streaming will not lower your regular audience it will extend your range and provide you with new ones that normally would never participate in your event.

  1. Wire up

With Live Webinar it’s very simple to start streaming your event to Internet. Whether it is a single camera or you mix content from multiple sources our solution will easily stream it online. You don’t need any advanced knowledge – it’s not a rocket science. Connect camera to the computer and hit start streaming button. Voila!

Please note – you should brand your streaming with your logo and colours to give the best experience to you online participants – they need to feel as a part of a real event. Obviously we will help you with that too!

  1. Track your audience – stream performance

Live streaming gives you much more information about your participants. You will know where they are located (country, city, street), what device they are using, their contact data. With Live streaming you can set up a registration form before entering online room and ask them about things that interests you the most. Use that information later on to convert them to your customers or regular participants of the next year’s event.

If you use marketing automation tools – LiveWebinar will allow you to integrate with it and to automatically push your new leads to your marketing campaign(s).

Those are our tips for streaming a conference and other sorts of events, we hope you found them useful! If you want to learn if live streaming is the right choice for your company, or even if you just have a few questions about this LiveWebinar feature, find us at

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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