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How to Update GPS On Your Garmin Device

There can be nothing as useful as probably having a fully functional GPS system in your car. Imagine no more pulling off in the middle to ask for directions and no more seeking Siri to help you out from getting lost in the maze of roads. Liberating, Isn’t it?

All this and more has become possible with GPS enable Garmin devices. All you are required to do is feed the destination into your device, full throttle the engine and without a second thought simply hit the road.

GPS On Your Garmin Device

Since this is a transient world, roads, streets, bridges, building etc. keep changing with time. If no Garmin GPS update are installed, you are operating on the older versions which have become obsolete by now.

Fortunately, updating the GPS on your device is not a tough ask. All you require is a Garmin Express tool and you are good to go. Just plug in your Garmin device to the Garmin Express-enabled system and the update will be automatically installed into it.

Here’s a simple process that you can follow to update GPS on your Garmin device.

  1. Download Garmin Express: If Garmin Express is not already installed on your computer, visit the official Gamin page and download the software. There will be two options available i.e. download for Windows OS or download for MAC OS. Make the selection as per the operating system of your computer where you’ll be eventually installing Garmin Express.Once the setup is successfully downloaded, run the set-up file and install. Garmin Express is compatible with all the GPS lineups including Zumo, Navi, Drive as well as DriveSafe.
  1. Connect the device to the system/computer: The device that requires GPS update first needs to be disconnected from its source. For example, if your device is plugged into car, bike, or truck, gently pull it off from the socket.Next plug-in this device to your desktop/laptop with the help of a USB cable and wait for it to show up on the Garmin Express screen.When you are carrying out the process for the first time, you’ll have to manually sign-in into your official Garmin account via Garmin Express. For the subsequent runs, the process will initiate itself automatically.
  1. Buying Updates: Once you are able to see your device on the Garmin Express Screen, select and add it. Your internet needs to be in working order for the procedure to complete.Next, all the updates will be searched online and a list will be displayed showing the ones which are available for your device. If the update for your GPS is available, it will show up on this screen with a ‘select’ button against.Please take note that all updates are not free, few of them are paid versions. Either you have an option to go for a lifetime package, else, you need to pay each time you want to update.

    If your update is taking too long, do not worry. Some of these have heavy files, which can take longer to install.

  1. Disengage the device: Once the Garmin GPS update is complete, you can select ‘Eject’ to safely take off your device. Unplug from the USB cable as well.Take back your updated GPS device to your commute and plug it back. Power the system and the device is ready to use with updated information.

With one Garmin Screen software, you can update GPS of as many Garmin enabled devices as you want. Follow the explained process and you’ll be good to go.

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