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Family1st Tracking: The Safety Net for Your Troubled Teens

We can all agree that teenage years are some of the most sensitive years of life. After all, it is during this time that emotions are most vulnerable, minds are constantly confused, and peer-pressure is high. To make matters worse, teenagers are not exactly open about their feelings with their family either. While being a parent or guardian to a teenager is a difficult task, being a teenager itself seems daunting to the youngster who is going through this phase of life.

The Safety Net for Your Troubled Teens

At such a critical juncture, a loving family and safety measures are most important. Unfortunately, not all teenagers get such a support-system. Many are unable to handle the complications of teenage and stray into the darkness of depression.

It is a fact that depression is one of the leading causes of disability and loss of life—millions around the world are caught in its grip. Sadly, this also includes a large chunk of the children and teen populations of our country.

In order to take this issue head-on, we must first understand what depression means. Many of us mistake it for sadness—which, in fact, is a temporary low feeling which can be overcome in a short span of time. Depression on the other hand lasts long and is more intense. It makes doing normal things like meeting friends, going to school, or even dressing-up seem like herculean tasks. So, it is important that we recognize the difference and spot depression early, especially when it comes to teenagers.

Sadly, many of us might be guilty of mistaking teen depression for moodiness or tantrums. But if we look closer, we will notice that teens suffering from depression typically become sulky. They act-out more often; they start getting into trouble at school regularly, and complain that no one understands them. They also start expressing negativity through words and non-verbal communication like art. On the other hand, some suffering teens might put on a show of excessive happiness, while being completely disturbed on the inside.

Recognizing Depression in Teenagers is Necessary

Depression brings about physiological changes. Teens suffering from depression often find themselves in a helpless situation. Because it affects the chemical structure of the brain, many victims continue living with impaired-brain functioning—without even realizing why their behaviour is changing or those they can get help and return to a normal life.

As a parent or guardian, there are a few steps we can take to watch-over our teens (especially those in need). One of the most important things is to provide them with a loving environment and make them feel protected. This sense of protection need not be restricted to the four walls of your home but should be with them even when they are out on their own. Smart parents use smart technologies like Family1st compact GPS trackers on their teenager’s cars or in their bags—this is not to monitor them but to ensure their safety and to reach them quickly in case they need our help.

We will discuss more about the helpful features of these devices going ahead in this blog, but before we see how to help a teen in need, we must learn to notice the signs of depression in them, so that they can be spotted early and treated in-time.

Make a note if your teenager does any of these things:

  • Expressing the desire to kill themselves or die
  • Cutting-off from friends and family
  • Running internet searches on harmful topics like ways to commit suicide or ways of buying weapons
  • Sleeping too little or too much
  • Losing focus and interest
  • Talking about feeling completely hopeless and having no reason to live
  • Dropping grades and not bothering about it
  • Displaying extreme mood swings
  • Expressing feelings of overwhelming shame and guilt
  • Feeling that others don’t care about them or understand their feelings
  • Talking about feeling trapped or in unbearable pain
  • Increasing the use of alcohol and / or drugs
  • Getting agitated or anxious often
  • Purposely hurting themselves

If a teenager in our family is displaying any of these signs or reckless self-harming behaviour, we must act on protecting them immediately. We can start with simple steps like attaching a popular Family1st GPS tracking device on the teenager’s car—because reckless driving is often linked to depression and is a leading cause of fatalities. These devices can help you watch on your teen’s driving behaviour like speeding or hard-breaking. Remember, being better informed about risky behaviour helps reducing the likelihood of dangerous activities.



By recognizing and accepting the signs of depression in our teenager, we can equip ourselves and our teens on the journey to recovery. While a combination of love, medication, and therapy is useful, a healthy support net is also necessary.

Here are a few things family members can do to support a teenager struggling with depression:

  • Accept that it is a big deal (and a difficult one) for them:

As parents we often end up trivializing our teen’s problems because they do not seem that big a deal to us. But let us take a minute to think back about the time when we were their age. Do you recall how your emotions and feelings were very real? That is exactly how real our teen’s emotions are today. What might seem trivial or melodramatic to us as grown-ups might mean a lot to them. It is important for us to respect those issues and talk about them.

  • Introduce safety technologies into your home:

Modern technologies like Medical Alert & Incident Detection Devices by Family1st are saving lives every day. They are more commonly used by seniors living alone but are also proving to be an effective checking-in system for families with teenagers suffering from depression and anxiety attacks—especially when the parents are away from home or at work. These devices are not only portable but also lightweight and wearable as a pendant. The most convenient two-way speaker facility makes it easy for the teen and their family to be in constant touch with each other while the 24×7 healthcare monitoring features ensures that in case of any emergency; medical help reaches the spot in-time.

  • Create a Safe Space:

Creating safe spaces where teens are free to talk openly and without being judged is a great idea. If you have a teen who is an introvert and doesn’t say much, encouraging them to express themselves through art, music, or other such creative avenues is also a good way of understanding their emotions.

  • Help achieve key developmental tasks:

A report1 by Psychology Today brings to light that young people feel good about themselves when they progress on key developmental tasks like establishing an identity, achieving independence, building meaningful relationships with peers, and feeling part of a loving and safe family environment. Coming together as a family and supporting our teenagers in achieving these milestones can prove a worthy investment in their overall mental health.

  • Do not ignore it:

Having a bad mood day is quite natural, but when you start noticing that your teen is having long stretches of bad behaviour and extreme mood swings, it is time to sit-up and takes notice. If timely action is not taken, consequences can be drastic.

  • Professional Help is Easily Available:

While creating the necessary loving and supportive environment is a good foundation, treating clinical depression will also require professional and medical help.

  • Allow them freedom—with a safety net:

We all know how difficult it is to pin a teenager to the house—they just want to be free. And that’s alright! As parents, it is our responsibility to allow our teenagers their freedom, but it is also natural to fret about their safety, especially if the teen is suffering from depression and acts reckless.

That is exactly why we have been seeing a rising adoption of personal portable GPS tracking devices. These devices are compact and absolutely easy to install. In fact, your teen need not even know about it! The best part is how easily they can be linked to your smart phone or tablet. Once the device is plugged-in, you start receiving real-time notifications about the condition of the car, the speed, the breaking habits, and even the location. Its innovative Geo Fencing feature also sends you alerts if your teen drives beyond a set distance. These feature-packed devices are available at the most cost-effective prices ($13.95) and lowest monthly subscriptions on Family1st.        


When it comes to the safety of our family, we always choose the best and that is exactly what Family1st is!

Backed by decades of experience in GPS technology, Family1st brings with it the best-in-class tech and unmatched customer support, giving safety to your teen driver and peace of mind to you. With solid build and a simple but effective tracking system, the Family1st portable GPS devices can be yours at just $13.95. The device requires minimal maintenance and provides maximum security for your teen’s and your family’s cars. 

Power-Packed: What makes the Family1st portable GPS tracking device a powerhouse performer? 

  1. Most cost effective device at $13.95 only

The Family1st GPS Tracking device has minimal maintenance and maximum security for your loved ones.

  1. Lowest monthly subscription of $19.95
    At Family1st, you do not need to pay through your nose to ensure your family’s safety. You can get the best devices at monthly subscriptions starting at $19.95 only. The best part is that you need not to sign up for a year in advance to get that rate. There are no contracts or cancellation penalties. Family1st offers a 30-day, no-hassle cancellation policy.
  2. Discrete and portable

One of the best features of this device is its size. You can place it in your teenager’s bag, get them to wear it like a pendant, clip it on a belt, or attach it to their car. Just plug it in and you are good to go.

  1. Round-the-clock tech support

Family1st is deeply rooted in customer service—providing unprecedented tech support services via E-mail, chat, or call at all hours.

  1. Powered with 4G cellular technology

Family1st is amongst the top 4G GPS trackers available in the market. With an in-built buffer these devices can function effectively in area where most other trackers fail. Thanks to the full 4G coverage, the device is useful all over North America and can track in USA, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada, and Mexico.

  1. Live chat feature

If you are looking for quick solutions, just jump in-to the Live Chat feature from your user account through the website or our apps.

  1. Easy to integrate with Alexa

Family1st is the only GPS device in the market that can be Alexa enabled. Connect Alexa to your Family1st GPS devices with your own voices or automatically, using Alexa Routines, Groups, Hunches, etc.

  1. Comes with a lifetime warranty

With Family1st you are assured of unconditional warranty. So, if you are not satisfied with the device, it can be replaced, repaired, or refunded—no questions asked. You can buy with confidence when you buy from Family1st. 

  1. Syncs with Mobile App, Tablet, and PC

Family1st runs on its own unique Tracking Platform with the widest range of features like real-time tracking, location monitoring, 24 hour travel history, Geo Fencing, Email/SMS Alerts, and Alexa integration. You could also view or download historic reports stored in the server for 365 days.

Family1st also provides you state of the art Android/iOS Apps that you could effortlessly use in your mobile or tablet. 

  1. Long lasting battery

The best-in-class device comes with the best battery too. Enjoy the benefit of long lasting battery life that stays up to two weeks when active and six months in sleep mode. 

  1. Easy to install magnetic case

The optional magnetic case helps mount the device quickly and ensures it stays stable. You can attach it easily under the car or any metal surface. You can also place it in your teen’s handbag to keep yourself updated about their location and safety.

  1. GeoFencing Alerts

Using innovative GPS Platform Features, the Family1st tracking device allows you to set geographical boundaries or permissible distances that your teen can travel (in person or in their car). The highly sensitive GeoFencing feature sends you real-time alerts as soon as that permissible perimeter is breached—enabling you to take quick action, ensuring the safety of your child.   

Your teen deserves protection. Choose your Family1st device today.

Times are uncertain. They can be even more difficult when having to protect a young family member suffering from depression and anxiety. Don’t wait to bring them under your protection and make yourself and them feel safe. Give your family the gift of Family1st today.

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