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Essential Tips On How To Become A Voice Actor

Voice acting is an innovative career. You make money by using your voice. The voice over industry is gaining pace and right from advertisement to cartoons, to radio ads to Google it is just everywhere!

Essential Tips On How To Become A Voice Actor

Although a voice actor doesn’t hold similar clout as a movie or theatre actor, but you have bulk of work and good pay for it. Voice actors work in different fields and if you wish to make a career in it, then here are some tips below to learn how to become a voice actor.


You do not have fast rules to become a voice actor. You can just enrol in an acting class and train your voice. Try to evoke your emotions by using different voice tones. Acting classes polish your voice over skills and help you meet agents and producers in the industry.


A lot of work can be done from home but you have places where voice works are done. If you want to dedicate a career in this field, then move to centres of such places and audition.


Similar to screen actors, voice actors should be represented by their agents. Find an agent and make your demo clip and highlight your voice in a wide range. The agent will arrange meetings for you at different companies and settle for a proposal.

When you want to know how to become a voice actor, you should see the complete image of what it takes to gain voice over abilities and get work.

You need to know that there is a lot to grasp and learn before you get your paid voice over job. Before you begin to audition, you need right training, resources, equipment and natural talent. Though the industry is competitive yet you have plethora of work for everyone. Some of the essential skills you need to possess are:

  1. Self-motivation
  2. Marketing
  3. Audio editing
  4. Voice acting and
  5. Recording

Training is very important

Though you have may have natural talent but training will polish your skills and set you apart from the strugglers. It will help you present the quality your producer wants. You have good number of courses and academies to choose from.

Voice actor coaches will help you deliver in the right format to your target audience. You can also go for online courses too.

Right equipment

Are you in search for top notch studio setup? Well, you don’t need one! But, you definitely should have the hardware and software needed to produce quality recordings. Have a dedicated home studio with noise cancelling abilities. The basic equipment which you need are:

  1. Microphone
  2. Room with acoustic treatment
  3. Audio software
  4. Audio booth and mixing treatment

If you want to be a pro, then do everything possible for it. In the competitive voice acting market of today, it is very difficult to convince your client that you are the perfect one. Project yourself as a strong, distinct and perfect pick to get selected in the first chance.

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