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Dynamics 365 Users Ready To Access Facebook Messenger Capabilities

In October, the company Microsoft released Dynamics 365 2019 Wave 2 for public that includes several updates related to enterprise planning applications. The list has customer service, marketing, sales, finance and operations, and more.

Dynamics 365 Users Ready To Access Facebook Messenger Capabilities

The latest addition to Dynamics 365 implementation services allows service teams to assist their customers via Facebook Messenger. This is the latest digital channel included with the service. The update has asynchronous nature which offers flexibility to customers to query on-the-go and reply to comments as per their time. Live chats are different. When the window of live chat closes, the chat session ends. But this new update of Facebook Messenger initiates a new experience for a customer. Here, the chat session ends at a later date. Moreover, if the customer starts a conversation using company’s Facebook page on their personal computer, and later use Facebook Messenger app on their smartophone, the interaction is continued. This offers a seamless support experience.

There are several benefits of facebook chat for consumers and one of them is ability to reply when they want. It is the customer who can decide when to message, close the chat, and come back to see the reply of the representative. In simple terms, there is no fear of losing chat session.

What makes Microsoft to add facebook Messenger in their digital messaging offering?

Facebook Messenger is already a popular channel used by brands as customer supporting tool and it has a billion of users. This is the main reason that tends the company to add facebook messenger in their digital messaging offering. While more people are taking options like Facebook Messenger to meet their personal communication needs, they are even using their mobile messaging channels to interact with brands and businesses.

Real time channels like chatbots are different. They don’t provide an asynchronous conversation experience to the users. Facebook Messenger does! It means customer can send a message to business and then can quit the conversation and return to the conversation as per their convenience. This is just like the SMS engagement. Such convenience offered by this asynchronous nature provides flexibility to customers. They can easily make query while traveling and reply to the answers when they find time.

Facebook Messenger brings opportunity for the businesses where they can get engage with their customers on a one-to-one basis, as per the customer time and location. This is like a personalized experience given to the customers that can bring loyal customers to the business.

How the addition of Facebook Messenger in Dynamics 365 Customer Service benefits?

After introducing Facebook Messenger to digital messaging offering, Microsoft enables customers to contact support organizations through their preferred channel. It also provide 360 degree customer view to the agents and empower them with the tools to deliver instant resolution that is consistent throughout all engagement channels.

This amazing digital messaging offer later allows contact centers to deliver more personalized customer service seamlessly across channels. There are top benefits offered by Facebook Messenger-

  • Customers can connect with the company to seek support in an asynchronous manner and on a known platform
  • Agents can use the same contextual, productive, and unified interface for customer engagement and work on the issues.
  • Support center management and supervision teams can access data rich reports to grab opportunities and boost efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Administrators are able to configure social channels such as Facebook Messenger to establish communication with their customers
  • Supervisors and management teams can access insightful reports and run the support center in effective way.

While more numbers of consumers are taking full advantage of social messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger to meet their personal communication requirements, they even like to use these mobile messaging channels to interact with brands and businesses. Due to asynchronous nature of these channels, customers enjoy ease of convenience.

The social messaging feature offers businesses a path to explore this trend and engage with their customers regardless of their geographical location. They can deliver them more personalized and seamless experience that can help them become followers and brand advocates.

The company Microsoft is regularly investing in customer service to allow business users to deliver best customer care on any channel, for 24X7.

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