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Essay Writing Activities for ESL Students

ESL instructors who teach 5th grade, middle school, and high school ESL students; are strongly encouraged to use essay writing activities for their pupils. It provides a great way for ESL students to build up their language skills. When a student writes and reads an essay, it forces them to understand the language. We’ll explore how writing activities can help a person’s English language skills to excel.

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Enhancement of Grammar Skills

Every teacher knows that a good essay requires students to have great grammar skills. It will teach an ESL student how to spell words correctly, how to correctly form sentences and how to formulate paragraphs. These are essential components of writing and speaking. Other aspects of grammar such as noun, verb and adjective placement and punctuation are also critical elements in the learning process of English. It will teach these skills because students need to know these fundamentals of the English language.

Formulation of Ideas with Student Help

Another great benefit of essay writing is that it helps writers to form ideas that will help them with their overall ability to communicate. Formulating ideas is essential to speaking any language. People tend to communicate their ideas every day. When a person has to communicate their ideas and beliefs they really must have a grasp of their language. If not, they will not be able to communicate effectively, and it will help students to formulate their ideas. They force students to think about what they want to say really.

Organization of Student Thoughts

When someone speaks or writes he must organize his thoughts similarly when a person speaks a language, this usually is a natural thing to do. However, people who are new to a language will have an extremely hard time communicating their thoughts because they do not know how to organize and form them.

This skill will force a student to think about what they are trying to communicate and how they should organize what they want to say. This skill is similar to formulating ideas. The exception is that a person tends to organize their thoughts more often than their ideas. Ultimately, this skill will help an English learner to figure out the best way to communicate in this language.

Vocabulary Development

Essays can build up an English learner’s vocabulary. Words are essential to speaking any language. When an ESL student from another country is trying to communicate in English, they are frustrated by this situation. The fact is that until an international student can develop a basic understanding of the language; they are not going to be able to interact with others in a normal way. This process starts by learning words. The more words that an international student knows and understands; the more it will improve their language learning skills over the long run.

Improvement of Writing Skills

ESL students are going to have to write for most of their school career. If they want to get good grades, they are going to have to learn how to write very well; very fast. Essays can teach students how to improve their writing ability by giving them practice with the mechanics that they will need for this process. Students who frequently write will learn how to speak better, and they will improve their overall ability with expressing themselves in English.

Interconnection with the Learning Process

Many ESL students are frustrated with the process of learning English. They sometimes even become disconnected from the whole process. One thing that keeps students interested and engaged in speaking this language is being able to make noticeable gains with learning it.

ESL students, who are consistently growing in their ability to communicate English, will become more involved with their instruction. They will want to gain a deeper and richer understanding of the language. Their understanding, in turn, should lead to more involvement and a deeper desire to learn the language.

Finally, professional essay writing provide great learning material for ESL students so that they can reach their full potential with language development. They not only help students to understand better the language they also help students to become better communicators and more involved citizens.

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