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5 Tools to Use When Learning English as Second Language

English is the world’s 3rd most widely used language, most of our verbal and written communication uses English language. However, most of the users of English language use English as their second language just because it is taught in schools or used in work place. Besides, English language is very frequently used in our surroundings.

For such people who use English language as their second language it is important that it should be ensured that grammatical mistake are not made. Moreover, mistakes in writing, syntax, grammar and punctuation should be avoided. Besides, everything that is written must be checked for errors prior to submission whether at school, workplace or online.

Here are the 5 tools that must be used when English language is used as the second language:

  1. Grammar Lookup: Grammar Lookup is an online, free to use and free from registration and sign up as well as easy to use proof reading tool that allows one to check their content for online grammatical mistakes. Grammar Lookup is available online and does not require registration. Click here to check grammar check GrammarLookup. Grammar Lookup is a sleek and simple website where there is a simple check box where the text can be entered to check for grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Moreover, Grammar Lookup also has word alternatives available for the words.
  2. Writer’s Grammar Checker: If you need to run a grammar check, this grammar check tool is available online and is free to use. It is built on advanced AI technology which will scan your work for grammatical and spelling errors. It also highlights your content in areas that can be improved and it will suggest different words and phrases that suit your writing style better. This tool will not only fix your errors, it will make you a better writer! Writer’s grammar check tool is available on all web browsers and can also be downloaded and integrated with several apps such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word and Github on the paid version
  3. Punctuation Check: Punctuation Check is a free and online accessible website for students that can help in making corrections of the punctuation mistakes that they make, that may become grammar mistakes in long term. It provides quick lessons on misspelled words, corrections on wrong placement of punctuation marks and grammatical mistakes. 
  4. WhiteSmokes: WhiteSmoke is a Grammar check tool that is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. White Smokes corrects any grammar error that is made. Apart from the grammar correction, it gives easy to understand and clear explanations of the mistake. Unlike other grammar check tools, WhiteSmokes conatins a number of grammar told including Incomplete Sentences, Fragments, Run-On Sentences, Subject-Verb Disagreements, Double Negatives, Tense Shifts, Mechanical Mistakes Like Misspellings, Incorrect Punctuation, Capitalization, Dangling Modifiers, Sentence Units, Object Clauses, Sentence Fragments, Comma Splices, Missing Words and Fused Sentences.
  5. Grammar Bytes: Grammar Bytes is an effective English grammar learning tool that provides mini grammar lessons in interactive ways. After lessons, it also provides exercises, allowing you to test and check your skills. In case of wrong answers, it also provides easy to understand explanations of the mistakes for the students to understand.
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Brian Flores
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