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Is Optilingo An Effective Language Learning Platform?

Gain Fluency Fast with OptiLingo

There are many options available to teach yourself a foreign language. OptiLingo promises to make language learning fast and effective. It also advertises that users will gain fluency in hours, not years like other platforms. But what is this platform and how does it compare to typical methods on the market.

Is Optilingo An Effective Language Learning Platform

What Is OptiLingo?

OptiLingo is a language learning platform designed by Jonty Yamisha. It helps users reach fluency in their targeted language quickly using proven methods developed over Jonty’s personal experience learning one of the most complicated languages on the planet, Circassian.

Users go beyond a basic understanding of language learning with strategies that work. The program is designed to be flexible, fitting around the busy lives many people have. It uses a process called Guided Immersion alongside Spaced Repetition Systems (SRS) to stand out from academic programs and free apps alike. To understand why this program is so effective, you need to see how both Guided Immersion and SRS helps users rapidly gain fluency.

How Guided Immersion Makes OptiLingo Different

Guided Immersion makes language learning easy and effective. The course focuses on presenting language as if users were toddlers. While many people believe that children learn language easier than adults, this isn’t the whole truth. Very young children can hear sounds that adults can’t quite hear, but this skill fades around the time they are toddlers. The advantage that children have, however, is their ability to fully immerse themselves in a language. Adults don’t have this luxury.

Toddlers learn language by asking questions and making requests. They’re inquisitive. This experience with dialogue helps children rapidly learn a language. But even then, it takes Toddlers years to learn it. Adults have the advantage of being better learners. By combining the way toddlers are exposed to language with how adults learn, users can rapidly become fluent.

Rather than deal with abstract words and grammatical structures, OptiLingo focuses on common phrases and high-frequency words to help language learners grow. Typical programs involve a lot of memorization. OptiLingo targets popular words and phrases. You listen to native speakers ask questions and interact with others. You experience language as it’s meant to be experienced, not as an abstract representation.

Guided Immersion also uses both a word’s context as well as translations that justify and explain each word. Instead of learning through flashcards and then trying to fit the rules around them, users see the words in action and fine-tune their fluency through exposure.

Memorizing languages through drilling techniques can only help you expand an understanding of a specific language you already have. This is why most apps are ineffective at learning language. Instead, this OptiLingo uses learning strategies that thoroughly engross your brain in every aspect of language learning. Alongside Guided Immersion, this platform uses something called SRS to further drive fluency.

Why Spaced Repetition Systems Matter

SRS helps reinforce learning so that users can feel more confident in their abilities as they work towards language mastery. The failure rate for language learners working towards a second language is high. The learning curve is nearly vertical. This is why the design of a course matters.

SRS supports learning through repeated exposure to previous lessons. When users begin the program, they experience short 20 – 30-minute lessons. As they progress through the course, they continue to revisit previous lessons through a self-test before moving forward. Users quickly take the test, look over any mistakes and then cover new material. This means that nothing is forgotten. And because users see regular success, they’re motivated to continue studying.

Meet Jonty Yamisha, Founder and Owner of OptiLingo

Many of the current programs on the market for language learning are corporate based systems designed to entertain people. OptiLingo is different. This is the only program designed by someone on a mission to save the dying language of his ancestors. The skills incorporated in the program are the result of years of experience and scientific backed concepts to guarantee results.

Jonty Yamisha is an ethnic Circassian. While born in the US, his parents fled from the Golan Heights of Syria and came to live in the US. Many of his people were relocated around the world after the Russo-Circassian War. As a result, many of the people who constitute his ethnicity have been displaced. This made it hard for Jonty to learn his ethnic Language growing up. It was only when he was 30 years old that he decided to take it upon himself to pursue that task.

Over the years, Jonty was able to master the language of his ethnic heritage. The techniques he discovered on his journey became the foundation of the language learning platform, OptiLingo.

Now a language activist, a founder of the Nassip Foundation, and a partner of the Endangered Language Alliance, Jonty works to help others build the skills necessary to learn additional languages. He has first-hand knowledge of how fluency in a second language can help you gain a deeper understanding of a culture. And it’s this passion to help others that led to the creation of OptiLingo.

Try OptiLingo at No Risk

Jonty Yashima’s language learning platform, OptiLingo is available for as low as $9.99. However, the program comes with a no questions asked, 100 percent money back guarantee. While other programs may be free, none offer guaranteed success. Many people have already taken steps to become fluent with OptiLingo. Join them on your way to learning a second language.

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