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Emojis Of Different Body Parts And Their Meaning

Our body parts all mean the same thing. However, when body parts take on the form of emojis, do they still have the same meaning? They can have the exact definition of a body part if you decide to use it that way. However, with the way people communicate digitally today, emojis of body parts have different meanings.

Emojis Of Different Body Parts

It is amusing that body parts can take on another meaning when people use them as emojis. Communicating digitally indeed took on a different twist in this manner alone. You can send an emoji of an eye, and it could mean several things. Make sure you use these emojis of body parts in the right context to avoid confusion!

Tongue Emoji

We usually use our tongue to taste a delicious grub. Who knew that we could use the tongue emoji for other purposes? The tongue emoji has several meanings, and at least some of them relate to food. It is pretty understandable when you use the tongue emoji in your chats, texts, or social media posts when you talk about good food.

The tongue emoji has a design of a mouth without any lips with a distinguishable tongue sticking out. Yes, we said that the tongue emoji has several meanings, and it will depend on the context in which the user decides to use it. For example, you can use the tongue emoji to comment on a social media post involving a very attractive person. We know that may seem weird, but trust us, it is a trend on social media these days.

Of course, you can never go wrong with describing good food with the tongue emoji. You can also mimic the act of licking food such as a lollipop, which has its emoji, and other lickable grub, food, and other delicacies.

Eyes Emoji Meaning

The eyes emoji also have several uses and meanings. However, you will be happy and pleased to know that almost all of those meanings involve the sense of sight.

The eyes emoji can mean that someone is pointing out a particular thing or emotion in a situation. It can mean pointing out drama, expectations, tension, and other eye-popping interpersonal scenarios.

The eyes emoji has a graphic design of a pair of eyes that seem to be looking at a certain angle. This emoji can easily refer to the shifty eyes we all do whenever we see a beautiful person. Naturally, you can see the eyes emoji across several social media posts that involve an attractive person.

Flexing Biceps Emoji

“Sun’s out, Guns out,” as often people say. The flexing biceps emoji can easily mean that you are pointing out to your biceps. Usually, the flexed bicep emoji is an emoji shared across several fitness junkies. You can also find this body part emoji on your friend’s social media posts from the gym. But, is this emoji all about fitness?

Like other body part emojis, the flexed biceps also has a few distinct meanings of its own. This body part emoji can also mean and represent any strength or power. You can also see this emoji make its way to the social media posts of the people who are always grinding and making money. It is pretty understandable because we, too, like to flex whenever we increase our cash flow.

The flexing bicep emoji comes with a graphic design of a regular human arm that is flexing. Identifying this body part emoji should not be difficult, and you can use it to refer to your fitness or your cash flow any day of the week!

Brain Emoji

The Brain emoji comes with the design of a cartoonish pink human brain. It can easily mean that you have the brains for a particular situation. You can easily brag about the high test score that you got with this body part emoji. However, please take note that you might come off as a complete brag by posting your test scores and putting the Brain emoji beside it.

The Brain emoji is perfect when you use it with other emojis together. If you love reading books and striving for academic excellence, you can use the Brain emoji along with a book emoji and a Graduation cap emoji. You worked and studied hard for it, so it is only right that you flex your academic excellence with these emojis!

You can also use it in a context wherein you are thinking about something. Pair this body part emoji with the Thinking face emoji to signal that you reflect and think about a specific topic.


These are just some of the often-used body part emojis that we often see on chats, texts, and social media. There are also tons of other body part emojis that you can use to make your point more transparent. After all, these body parts emojis have several meanings now. Use them to your advantage and make sure that you use these body part emojis in an understandable and non-confusing way.

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