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Dwell Into The Pros And Cons Of Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are the digital form of currencies which has taken over the world by storm. It has completely swirled the world into a digitalized paradise where no form of solid cash would be rendered useful in the future. It has enabled online secure tokens to be denominated by virtual tokens.


Cryptocurrencies are managed by blockchain technology, another new upgrade is the digital world which is becoming a rage in all its glory. The data management system it owns is touted to be the most sophisticated development that the world has seen today. People have relied and latched on to this concept faster than presumption and this trend seems to be a norm of the future by all means.

The data security of this decentralized network is very strong and no amount of external intrusion is even possible. All the transactions and data clusters are visible and accessible to all the mass users any tampering in the system would become immediately discernible. The tight configuration of the setup and the robust management of the security is also one of the reasons that it is decentralized and no validation from governments or authorities is mandated.

Cryptocurrencies have reached a status where it stands the chance of being the future money in the upcoming cashless world that is swiftly spiraling. The momentum at which it is sprouting wings seems to be one of the exclusive records in the history of the financial world. Never had we experienced a new phenomenon take over the world at this pace and quite interestingly this does not seem to cease in the coming yeast as well.

Organizations, companies, and many people have started using this form of currency very effectively in recent times. Many money transactions have already begun with cryptocurrencies and it is slowly cruising through the mainstream sector. Some reluctance from people has always been visible in shades but it is believed to be a matter of time and development before everybody takes on it.

One of the main cryptocurrencies that seem to have become very prominent is bitcoins. The value of bitcoins had seen a rise and this seems to become a positive spike in the future. Transfer of funds happens very easily when it comes to cryptocurrencies without any intermediaries like banks or other institutions. bitcoin in daily life is a trend that has become so raging with numerous transactions and exchanges happening across the world.

Advantages of cryptocurrency:

1. Protection from inflation

Inflation is a serious issue that the world is struggling to adapt to in recent times. Many normal currencies lose their value as time tumbles forward, and hence inflation becomes too inevitable in recent times. This problem is not a consequence in the case of cryptocurrencies. There is a total of 21 million bitcoins available and hence as the demand increases, the value would go up and maintain its stead through and through.

2. Self-governed

Governance and management of the currency are important factors for the growth of the economy. The cryptocurrency ledgers are self-managed by miners or developers and not by the government. The miners are so adept at handling and managing the transaction that they keep it up-to-date and safe intact. Any tampering with the data would be immediately discernible as everything is accessible to the users.

3. Safer transactions

Safety is a poignant aspect when it comes to money moving or exchange. Banks and other institutions have struggled and worked their way to tight-knit security in recent times. Loopholes in those structures could be possible as security in the banking systems has always been vulnerable and quite breakable with many tangible accidents. Hence latching on to cryptocurrencies would be a perfect choice as security integration in this network is extremely packed and controlled. All the records are visible and accessible worldwide by all users and miners and no change is even remotely possible without the immediate knowledge of the masses. A traditional security system cannot even compete with the crypto security network for it is touted to be too advanced for its time and usage.

4. Cheaper mode of transactions

Connecting the corners of the world is the motto of modernization and digitalization. Cryptocurrencies have been the flag bearer of this motive and have held up this initiative to perfection like nothing else. Transfer of funds is possible across borders and to any nook and cranny of the world without any cost. No amount in the name of transaction fee is even recommended for cryptocurrencies as there is no involvement of any intermediaries like PayPal or VISA. The money is directly transferred to the concerned party within moments of initiation.

5. Global access

Cryptocurrencies happen to break boundaries and fix their way into any region without any protocols or restrictions. Connecting a global ecosystem is practically possible with flat money as it does not easily get molded into the currency of other countries very easily. However, cryptocurrencies like bitcoins find their way into any part of the world with no limitations or restrictions and have access that can be globally monitored. There is also visible transparency which has become the upside of this whole phenomenon. All the transactions are visible directly in the ledgers of the blockchain technology which gives people the discretion to know what is happening with their money day in and day out.

6. Easy transfer of funds

Cryptocurrencies have the benefit of being the best solution when it comes to transactions. Transactions happen at a record pace as there are no validations or arduous protocols to be followed. Transactions irrespective of international or domestic happen very fast with the perfect supervision of the staked members.

Cons Of Cryptocurrencies:

Although cryptocurrencies have found their way into our normal life so practically, there is still some issue that looms as a threat to it becoming the future. The reliability is still at stake as many downsides to cryptocurrencies have been insolvable in recent times.

1. Illegal transactions

Since it is decentralized and quite secure as a network, the government or no other authorities could possibly cleave through the operations and validate the happenings at ease, So people use cryptocurrencies for illicit transactions like drugs and loot. The validation and the verification from the government can be bypassed easily when it comes to crypto transactions, all the illegally earned money would be exchanged for cryptocurrencies. This would be a major flaw of this high-profile concept of digital money.

2. Risk of data loss

Although all the data is safely secured in the ledgers of blockchain technology, wallets, and private keys play a major role to access them on a frequent basis. If a user forgets his private key, his wallet will become inaccessible and the coins will be unleveraged totally. Hence data loss would be an inevitable issue when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

3. Power in restricted hands

Although cryptocurrency is believed to be decentralized and has no extremal barriers, the people who control it are their own developers and creators. They have a huge power at their disposal and they change their values according to volition. In a way, they control the market, and the value sways according to their choice and options.


Cryptocurrencies have ruled the world in recent times and they have become too prominent in their values and factors. The benefits that it renders are far too progressive and it is definitely a concept earmarked for the future. With many pros on its side, it will overtake fiat currencies in no time.


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