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Duties of the Criminal Lawyer

The person who got a charge of any crime or has to become the eye witness of nay crime feel embarrassment as there is fear of getting punished. Therefore, to get the justice he should consult to the criminal lawyer . The well-known defense lawyer always understands the need of the client and prepare the case in such a way that his client can win the case. either the lawyer fights for the criminal or for the victim he has to play a part to win the case. for this purpose, he has to full fill the following duties


Listens to the client

When the client contact with the lawyer, then it is the duty of the service provider to give proper time to the client. he has to listen to him carefully. Gives the chance to the client to explain all the incidents, time, the victim and most important the background of the whole incident. In this way, the lawyer gets some clues and prepare the questions. He can take a day or two to gather all questions in order to prepare the case file.

Discuss the Case

After that the lawyer does some homework, prepare different questions and discuss all queries with the client. this is his duty to ask different questions in order to make his strong and defending for his client. if the client is a victim then he must gather all clues that help him to get the justice and the criminal get the punishment. On the other hand, if the client is criminal himself then he must do the effort to reduce the punishment or get free from the prison. Therefore, he properly discusses about each and every aspect of the case in order to reach the depth of the case.

Gather the Witness

The well-experienced lawyer does a lot of effort, he finds different witness and clues that can help in winning the case. Therefore, he visits the place of incidence, talk to relatives, fellows and take help of the police in order to collect all the information related to the case. the good legal advisor always cares for his client and help him to provide him the justice. Therefore, he does not hesitate in visiting different sites and want to reach the depth to find the best evidence to prove his client innocence.

Preparesthe File

The legal advisor who aim to win the file always do work in silence, he gathers evidence in his own and prepares the file. During the hearing session he presents the file directly to judge and call for the witness to whom he has prepared for the hearing. The efficient lawyer always keeps calm during the hearing session and throw his last winning card at the end that proves the innocence of the client and helps him get out of all the trouble.

The defense lawyer work for both the criminal as well as the victim, it is his duty to full fill his job requirement and does the effort to provide justice to his person who is need of justice.

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