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Is Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Worth A Shot?

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) is one of the most essential things that will assist you to remain up to date with the current software version and technology so as to stay in the vanguard position in the competition and perform well. In other simple words, AMC is an insurance policy or rather a maintenance contract for your technological enhancements. It is a software update offering for which your organization has to pay on a yearly basis to the software provider.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Now that you are aware what a priceless feature AMC is, it is time for you to meet Geeks, the software provider that will do the entire job for you. Let us see some more details about AMC and what role Geeks plays.

Advantages of AMC Dubai

If you are a well-known or an up-and-coming firm in Dubai, it is a must for you to opt for AMC. Do not view AMC as an expense. Similar to an insurance policy or a mutual fund, it is less of an expense and more of an investment. This is beneficial as you get tons of advantages for a nominal yearly charge. Let us have a look at few benefits that Geeks IT AMC Dubai offers you.

Newest features and functionalities

With help of AMC via Geeks, you will get timely updates and remote help desk. In addition to this, the latest functionalities and features come as perks. These features are required for any organization to keep running smoothly. With the help of managed services from Geeks, you will be entitled to receive well-timed updates regarding features, service packs, functionality, minor updates, new version releases, and enhancements. This leads to developers operating nonstops on the enhancement of the product, thereby increasing the profit chart of the firm.

Nonstop support

If you are opting for AMC managed service via Geeks, then you are about to get a whole new experience of 24 * 7 support and monitoring. In addition to this, you will get support for any malfunctioning of software. Moreover, Geeks’ team works beyond the clock to answer your queries and questions as well as to make sure that the software works smoothly. This will not only help in keeping your software updated, but will also help in running them at their fullest capability without any fear of things going south.

Since your software gets updated due to our 24 x 7 support, it will guarantee legal and regulatory compliance as well as keep your solution running uninterruptedly and securely. The Geeks team comprises skilled and trained resources all over different IT segments (such as servers, PC/MAC, security, network, cloud, and email). Hence, we make sure that you get the correct and superior service when in need.

Security and monitoring

In the world of technology where cyber attacks have become a part of daily news, AMC helps you protect from such attacks. As safety and security are the leading priorities of today’s era, Geeks takes complete responsibility of nonstop monitoring so as to offer regular updates to you and protect your data. Geeks makes sure that it is present for you all the time and gives you maximum uptime. With AMC, you get automation facility to handle routine operations, mobility in a software, and access to integration.

In addition to this, Geeks also makes sure that your data is safely backed up on the cloud and is protected against malware, intrusion, spam, viruses, and other hazards so that you operate without any obstruction. Moreover, Geeks also helps in data recovery through appropriate and customized recovery systems as per your needs. This makes sure that your data is recovered without any loss and your organization’s processes run smoothly.

In a nutshell…

One thing is clear from the above points that if you need to level up with today’s technology in Dubai, it is better to opt for IT AMC Dubai.

Whether it is about a multinational firm or a small scale business, AMC is a must that adds more enhanced features to the present software. You do not need to invest a hefty amount to be updated. In addition to this, you get a number of perks such as nonstop monitoring, support, updates, and much more, which are necessary for your organization to run smoothly.

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