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DoNotPay Makes Parking Ticket Disputes Easy to Win

No driver is spared from receiving a parking ticket at some point in their driving career. Sometimes it seems easier to pay the fine in order to avoid all the hassle with disputes. There’s no reason to do that anymore, especially if you’re not in a situation to lose money over parking tickets. Not to mention believing that you received the ticket unfairly. This is where DoNotPay can help you.

DoNotPay is your robot lawyer. The app is free to download and easy to install. It’s available for all major web browser together with iOS and Android smartphones. Disputing parking tickets with DoNotPay bot won’t take you more than a couple of minutes, which is just a fraction of the time you’d have to spend on the traditional appeal process. DoNotPay has already successfully overturned 160k+ parking tickets and has a 74% win rate. It’s worth a shot when all you have to lose are 2 minutes and avoid the fine as a result.

In order to dispute your parking tickets with DoNotPay, you have to answer several questions about the type of citation, circumstances, and the parking spot. Then take the photo of your ticket and upload it to the app. DoNotPay will also suggest different factors that will make the dispute process smoother. Consider the following:

  • You don’t own the vehicle specified on the ticket

  • You weren’t the one driving the vehicle

  • The parking signs weren’t properly visible due to external reasons

  • Parking regulations are unclear for the parking area in question

  • Some pieces of information are missing or wrongly stated on the ticket

  • The ticket is difficult to read

Even if none of the above-mentioned statements are true in your case, you can still contest the citation. Depending on your city of residence, DoNotPay can help you lower the fine just by contesting. Once you take a photo of your ticket and consider all of the factors, DoNotPay will generate a statement letter that will help you win the hearing.

This bot lawyer will save you a lot of time by preparing everything you need for successful parking ticket dispute that you can win, in a matter of minutes. You won’t have to waste your precious time by doing the research, looking for lawyers to hire, or waiting in lines for ages.

It can be difficult for people to fight back the parking tickets, especially when they have no prior experience with these matters. This is why Joshua Browder, the founder of DoNotPay, wanted to create a robot lawyer that will represent the “consumer union”. According to him “the average person doesn't really have an advocate to fight for them. The short-term vision is just to build really useful products that help people fight back.”

DoNotPay won’t only help you contest the parking tickets issued by the government. You can count on the Al-powered bot to dispute parking tickets issued by private parking companies, such as SP+, Laz Parking, Impark, Towne Park, Ace Parking, Douglas Parking, ABM Parking Services, to name a few.

Parking fines range from $44 to $200 in different US cities. Big cities like NYC make around half a billion dollars annually just on parking tickets. It doesn’t matter what city you live in the United States, DoNotPay can help you dispute your parking tickets and win.

You are liable for traffic penalties when you drive out of state, but even in this case, DoNotPay can assist you so that you can deal with the dispute online. If you’ve received a parking ticket while you were sitting behind a wheel just to deal with a quick task (such as texting or answering a call), make these circumstances known to DoNotPay as you can successfully contest the infraction.

Want to learn more about how DoNotPay can help you dispute your parking tickets and win?

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Brian Flores
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