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Which are the best broadband plans available today?

The broadband only deals have been a new entrant in Telecom space of world with the numerous 4G/5G license for call only as well as Data only. Besides launching the broadband only smartphones, this internet tech giant has also unveiled a MI-Fi device. Branded as Broadband only, the device is now available with unlimited phone plus 4G Data. As a matter of fact, the best business broadband deals had also offered free sim cards to various branded smartphones such as Asus, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, apart from other brands. Talking about the Broadband only device, it also has a free data sim. But if you have any query related to the usage of the micro SD card on Broadband only MiFI as Wi-Fi, then you can keep reading on right below. The configuration steps are simple. TO know the configuring steps setup, the Broadband only 4G Mifi device, you can keep reading along.

Which are the Best Broadband Plans Available that you Should Know About?

 Using online broadband comparison sites , you can find several flexible plans which are meant for business and personal usage. Some of the plans which you should know about are: 

Complete Business Broadband + Unlimited Calls

The ‘Complete Business Broadband + Unlimited Calls’ is one of the favorite deals among the users which comes with numerous features. The plan comes with an average speed of 17MB along with the unlimited monthly downloads for 12 months. The plan also provides unlimited calling facility for the users which makes it even more beneficial for the businesses. You can also check ownit bredband omdöme for broadband reviews.

Unlimited Business Fibre Broadband

Even though most of the features of the plan is almost similar to the previous plan, but the omnl;y difference between the two plans is the contract time. In this plan, the contract has been extended for up to 24 months. The download speed of the plan is still 76 MB but in this connection, the upload speed has been raised up to 19MB. 

Unlimited Business Broadband

One of the best parts about this plan is that you will get 24X7 support. In this plan, you will get an average speed of 18Mb and an average upload speed of 1Mb. But, one thing about this plan is that this plan is only available for new users. 

Simply Business Broadband

If you are not looking for any additional call features but only broadband, then this plan is one of the best deals for you. In this plan, you will get a download speed of 17Mb and an upload speed of 1Mb for 12 months. 

Business Unlimited 76Mb Fibre Broadband

With an average download speed of 38Mb and an upload speed of 9.5Mb, this is one of the fastest plans that you will get at With this plan, the user will also get free online security which is worth £95. Apart from this, you will also get a super plug and play super router for free. 

So, if you are looking forward to getting the best broadband plans, the above said plans is what you should look forward too. 

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Ann Castro
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