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DoNotPay lets you contact Delta Airlines customer service hassle-free

If you ever had to contact Delta Airlines’ customer service, the most likely scenario is that you gave up after a couple of attempts as you didn’t feel like spending an entire afternoon on the phone knowing that your claim might be outright rejected.

Delta is known for its respectable onboard service and high quality-to-price ratio and can really make your flight a delightful experience. But it can also turn it into a customer support nightmare if you happen to experience one of the common issues, such as baggage theft or a canceled flight, or perhaps some of the less common, such as seeking compensation after food poisoning.

Regardless of the issue, getting in touch with Delta will be your first step, and in attempting to reach their customer support, you will have several options at hand. Whatever option you choose, spending a certain amount of time while your issue is handled is inevitable. What you want is to make that time as short as possible.

Sending an email or a letter is probably among the least used approach to having customers’ troubles sorted out. Replies take days or even weeks, while sometimes there is no reply at all. If you reach out to them via social media, you should know that a Sprout Social’s survey found that only 11% of complaints shared via social media were resolved. And since live chat isn’t an option at Delta, you’re left with the good old fashioned telephone.

And that’s when you realize the full potential of DoNotPay as it saves you time, energy and money and can be useful even in legal disputes should you find that Delta’s customer service failed to satisfy your needs. The app is available on Apple’s App Store and can be downloaded to any iOS device or, if you are not an iOS user, you can access it through a web browser of your choosing.

Missing or stolen baggage, refunds due to a canceled or delayed flight, reservation-related issues such as the change of name on the plane ticket or overbooked flight are the common issues faced by air passengers. Regardless of your trouble, customer service is the first step in reclaiming your rights or having your concerns relieved if a company truly wants to keep you as a customer.

“What I had in mind when I created the app was to make people’s lives a bit easier,” Joshua Browder, founder and CEO of DoNotPay says. He also feels that people need someone to fight for their rights. “So the app was born, out of a desire to help people spend their time the way they want to without having to go through the ordeal of waiting on the phone,” Browder underlines.

In addition, DoNotPay lets you record your conversations with customer support agents. This comes in especially handy if, upon exhausting all avenues to sort the issue out, you resort to legal action. “Knowing everything is on record makes companies take a step back and reconsider their next move before simply stripping customers off their rights,” Browder says commenting on the new feature.

If you’re tired of waiting endlessly in Delta’s phone lines, click here to learn more about their customer support service and DoNotPay app.

Brian Flores
Brian Flores
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