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Do Your Customized App Icons Slow Down Your iPhone?

If you are in love with your latest iPhone, you must be very aware of customized app icons, which are the new trend. There is no doubt that when you add phone icon aesthetic, it looks cool and adds a minimalistic style. Unfortunately, these icons make your iPhone slow eventually. At first, you will enjoy the look but after some time, your phone won’t work faster as it could before.

Customized App Icons Slow Down Your iPhone

Are You Thinking of Installing New Apps Icon? If you haven’t tried the new apps icon on your iPhone, let’s discuss the problems that will bother you after setting up custom app icons on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Each time you install cool looking custom app icons by tapping on the screen, the app launches will get slower than the built-in icon.
  • The iPhone user must create a special shortcut that launches the apps to create a custom app icon. The user also gives a proper name whatever they want and then add it to the home screen.
  • When you tap the icon to open the apps- your iPhone will take one or two seconds- it is unexpected from the iPhone. Do you think you can wait for one second or two to launch any apps from the home screen?
  • Now, think if one app is taking one second, all the customized apps icons will take that extra time to open, so, ultimately, your phone will work slower than ever.
  • This is the major problem when choosing the app’s icon on your own and launching it on your iPhone.

If you think the latest iOS 14 is free from this customized apps icon issue, then you are wrong. The custom app icons issue will be the same for the iPad with iPadOS 14.

If you are wondering about feasible solutions – then this article is for you! In this article, we will discuss the solution which can work out the slowdown of your iPhone.

What Are The Easy Hacks To Get Rid Of Costume Apps Icon Issue On iPhone?

The steps are given below:

  1. Swipe up on the home screen from the bottom
  2. Hold the finger in a place for a moment
  3. Release the finger when it is found
  4. Else, you can also directly see the preview on the left of the screen.

Tip: don’t swipe fast, or you will go back to the home screen again.

  • You can use one or two unique and trendy looking pages of your customized apps icons on the home screen to look cool. After that, you keep adding on usual shortcuts apps. This will not make your phone slow.
  • As an iPhone user, you can create an incredible customized look for your home screen, and on that, you can put all the customized apps icons with perfect widgets.
  • To show off, you can take a screenshot and post it on your social media account.

How can Apple fix this problem?

  • Being one of the uncompromising mobile brands, Apple is not happy with its unsatisfied users. With its serious concern, Apple has launched icon packs for Android phones that don’t make the phone slower.
  • Unfortunately, there is no ultimate solution created by Apple. Apple should offer full icon customization options to solve the problem.
  • All iPhone lovers who love to flaunt their apps icons should install personalized icon packs without taking any shortcuts or slowing the iOS.


In this article, you have a brief discussion about how you can get a short-term hacking idea using phone icon aesthetic on the iPhone. The fact is these solutions will help you to get a quick application. As Apple hasn’t launched any permanent solution, you may apply these hacks easily on your latest iPhone.

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