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Do You Need A Lawyer In A Lemon Law Case?

Lemon law applies to the occurrence of multiple repair attempts of a product, which can be a car or other consumer goods. For a lemon law case to be valid, you have to allow the manufacturer a reasonable number of repair attempts. A lawyer in a lemon law case will protect car owners or other consumer goods owners to help them get the most out of their claim.

You can represent yourself in the trial of a lemon case without a lawyer but you are likely to get less in terms of due compensation. Also, you should be acquainted with rules of the Lemon Law applicable in your region. For instance, if you are a NJ resident, you should know the Lemon Law in New Jersey.

Lawyer In A Lemon Law Case

Why You Need to Hire a Lemon Law Lawyer

You need to hire a lawyer in a lemon case as he or she will bring to the case years of experience to ensure a favorable outcome. A lemon law lawyer understands the ins and outs of lemon law and will guide you through what otherwise without him or her will be a very frustrating, very long, and confusing process. For instance, in case a car is not functioning as expected, be it that there is a bad transmission or breakdown, seeking help from the right expert can help you figure out what your rights as a customer are and whether or not you have a legal case that you should pursue.

You don’t know how lemon law cases work so you are likely to end up waiting a long time between negotiations with the manufacturer’s lawyers. It is therefore important that you hire a lawyer who is experienced for your lemon case—your case will be handled with proper efficiency and minimum delays.

Hiring a Lawyer in a Lemon Case

You will be doing yourself a huge favor if you hire a lawyer for your lemon case. Start the process of hiring a lawyer if your car or consumer product falls under your local lemon law and you believe you are entitled to compensation.

You need to hire a good reputable lawyer who deals in lemon law or consumer protection cases.

You can take a few steps yourself prior to hiring a lawyer to help with your lemon case.

Remember to carefully keep records and save proof of every step you take, should it be needed down the line.

You can get in contact with the local authorized dealer or manufacturer to let them know about your lemon car or product. You need to have copies of repair reports that prove your case of lemon.

You can check your state lemon law beforehand to see that your case is eligible. Include relevant information of claim in a letter to the manufacturer so that they know you intend to pursue the lemon law claim if they do not respond.

You Will Have a Stronger Case in Trial

Car manufacturers receive so many claims of lemon law every year. So sometimes, manufacturers’ representatives sway consumers that they don’t qualify for any compensation from the lemon law.

They may even argue that blame is on the part of the consumer because of abuse or negligence of the product.

When you work with a lemon law lawyer in resolving your case, manufacturers take you more seriously and an experienced lawyer will strengthen your case. When you have a stronger case, your chances of winning the case are high.

You Will Get Legal Advice

When faced with a lemon case, many consumers do not know what to do—they don’t know where to begin, where to report, and what actions to take. This can feel a sense of loss, very frustrating, and can be time-consuming.

When you work with a lemon law lawyer, you get legal advice and you will be helped legally and in the right direction in obtaining compensation for your loss. A lemon law lawyer will look into your case and provide insight and the possible solutions to undertake.

Hiring a Lawyer Won’t Cost You

Since a lemon case deals with a breach of consumers’ rights, you don’t have to pay lawyer fees. Instead, the manufacturer is entitled to pay for the lawyer fees. Because of this scenario, a manufacturer will try to make the case to be concluded as quickly as possible. This means they won’t try to put hurdles in your way in the process of getting compensation.

You will get the Compensation You Deserve

You file for a lemon law case to get compensation for loss in the product of the manufacturer. With a lawyer to help you in the case or trial process, you are likely to get the kind of compensation you deserve, which can be in the form of a replacement product or financial compensation.

The Process Leading to Lemon Law Case

You have to give the manufacturer an opportunity to fix the problem in your car or other consumer product, which they just may do. This also provides proof for future reference that you made an attempt in good faith to have the problem fixed. Also, manufacturers require you to communicate this way before they will move forward in negotiation of a lemon case.

It is important you follow through this process early to possibly save yourself some time and hassle in the long run.

You may even have your claim granted without having to go through a court trial.

A Look at Automotive Lemon Law

When a car manufacturer is given reasonable notice to repair a vehicle, the consumer is required to provide notice of the lemon law violation. Legal action cannot be undertaken under lemon law unless this notice is provided and the manufacturer is given last final chance to fix the problem.

The notice should indicate the need to repair a vehicle and be sent by return receipt service. Upon receiving notice, the manufacturer is required to contact the consumer to advise on a reasonably accessible repair center.

The vehicle is brought to the repair center and should be fixed within five business days; failure to which the consumer is entitled to receive a comparable replacement car or a refund worth of the purchase price.

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