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Can You Recover From Paralysis?

American courts hear approximately 16,000 personal injury cases every year representing an array of different causes resulting from another’s negligence.  By far, the largest category of personal injury claims arises from automobile accidents followed by medical malpractice suits.  A work place injury, slip and fall accidents, and negligent behavior rounds out the totals that appear before a judicial magistrate’s attention.

Recover From Paralysis

A personal injury can have devastating effects on not only the victim, but on that person’s family, friends, and loved ones.  In extreme cases, serious spinal injury cases can cause paralysis while traumatic brain injuries threaten long term damage that is difficult to calculate at the beginning of an injury.

For these reasons, you should seek out competent legal representation in the event of an injury to make sure that you receive the compensation you need for long term recovery from your injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms

One of the more troubling aspects of a traumatic brain injury (TBI) is that is can take time for the full extent of damages to become evident in the aftermath of an accident that leads to a head injury.  For diagnostic purposes, medical professionals have identified three levels of TBI: mild, moderate, and severe.

The first, a case of mild TBI, can result in symptoms of nausea, dizziness, headaches, difficulty sleeping, and sensitivity to lights and sounds.  By comparison, moderate to severe TBI injuries can include these symptoms as well as seizures and convulsions, slurred speech, confusion, physical weakness or numbing, as well as dilated pupils and clear fluids emitting from the nose or ear canal.

Any head injury is serious however, and you should seek out a doctor’s care if yu have been injured.  Likewise, if that injury was caused by another’s negligence, then you should also approach a personal injury attorney to see if you have a legal case.

Can You Recover from Paralysis?

Personal injuries, whether from a slip and fall in a store’s parking lot or an automobile accident, can have serious consequences taking years of therapy and recovery.  A common personal injury result is paralysis, which can sap the hope and resolve of even the most resolute patient.  The question is often asked there4fore, “Can you recover from paralysis?”

The good news is yes you can recover functions following an accident leading to paralysis, but the bad news is that it can be a hard, uphill slog to regain your mobility.  While recovery can take months or even years to obtain, rehabilitation has been shown to speed the process while making your final outcome more complete.

The key to the rehabilitation process is repetition, which is also why the process can take so long.  Working with physical therapists, the patient consistently works the affected area in an attempt to regain mobility.  In cases where a TBI is the primary cause of paralysis, therapists will help their patients establish new neuropath ways designed to discover new ways to relearn old skills. This has the effect of reprogramming the brain to accomplish previously familiar tasks.

As mentioned, this can be a long and arduous process and success depends on the patient’s ability to stay mentally focused in the meanwhile.  Mentally taxing and challenging for the inflicted person, extensive rehabilitation can also take a toll on those family members supporting their recovery.

With such a difficult path to recovery, it makes sense that you see about gaining recompense for yur suffering and expenses through legal action.  If your accident was the result of someone else’s mistake or negligence, you should not be left to bear the brunt of that mistake.

Securing your rights in court means that you will have the time, money, and resources to get the help you need to move towards a full recovery.  Recovering from paralysis whatever the cause should be your primary concern, so you can leave the legal fighting to your legal team.

This is how a seasoned personal litigation attorney can help you get the resources you need to get to a full recovery.  If you have been hurt in the greater Indianapolis area and beyond, we encourage you to reach out to the Law Offices of Stephenson Rife to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

Contact a Qualified Attorney to Discuss Your Personal Injury Case

If you find yourself the victim of an accident leading to a serious spinal injury case or traumatic brain injury owing to another’s careless and negligent behavior, we encourage you to reach out to our legal team here at Stephenson Rife legal offices to discuss your case.  We have vast experience investigating, filing, and winning personal injury cases in Indiana and throughout the Midwest, so contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation with our team of knowledgeable and skilled trial attorneys.  We leave nothing to chance when it comes to pursuing the justice and compensation you need and deserve.

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