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Do Solar Panels Work During The Winter?

Temperatures do not drop in the winter because Earth is further away from the sun, contrary to common perception. In truth, the Earth is furthest from the sun in July and closest to it in January. So, when the weather begins to chill, what does this imply for your solar panels? Continue reading to receive answers to all of your questions regarding how a winter solar panel installation works.

Solar Panels Work During The Winter

Do Solar Panels Work in Snow?

It’s a common fallacy that solar panels don’t work throughout the winter, however, this is not true. Solar panels work just as well in the winter as they do in the summer, as long as they are not completely buried in snow.

While heavy snowfall may impede sunlight from reaching solar panels, solar panels will generate more power than you think throughout the winter.

The silicon on premium solar panels is protected by anti-reflective glass, which is meant to collect as much sunlight as possible (and so generate more power! ), which means that solar panels generate more heat from the sun than your roof surface.

Because that heat melts snow faster than it does on your roof, your solar system may continue to supply power even when there is still a lot of snow on the ground. In many cold-weather climates, the number of days with precipitation is rather low in the winter.

Furthermore, snow is rarely an issue because solar panels are built to withstand 20 to 40 pounds of weight per square foot. During the production process, all solar panels are pressure tested to assure quality and endurance. Furthermore, because the rating of photovoltaic panel ratings vary, you can choose greater pressure levels if you reside in a snowy environment.

Do Solar Panels Require Winter Care?

The beautiful thing about solar panels is that once installed, they require little to no maintenance for the bulk of the year, even the winter.

If you live in a location that has major winter storms — think polar vortex level — you may want to contact a professional to clear any wet, heavy snow from your roof if you’re concerned about roof safety.

Solar battery storage is particularly crucial to consider, both during the winter and throughout the year, because it allows you to store energy independent of day-to-day output. It works by collecting and storing all of the electricity generated by your panels rather than sending it back to the power grid. As a consequence, you may draw on that stored energy when you require more electricity than your panels can provide, such as at night or on cloudy days.

During the winter, how efficient are solar panels?

When it comes to solar energy, keep one thing in mind: it’s not about warmth; it’s about sunshine. Solar panels function more efficiently in colder temperatures, cold, bright weather is a perfect time to generate electricity for your house. Despite being proved to be significantly more efficient in lower temperatures, the industry standard for PV systems is 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Even in the worst winter conditions, when the sun shines, sunpower solar panel will create the electricity you need to become more self-sufficient by producing your power at home.

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