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Do fleas die when they freeze?

It can be said that insects are the largest variety in the animal kingdom, where scientists estimate that there are more than a million species of insects living on Earth, as insects settle in all the habitats of the earth, and insects usually consist of three pairs of legs and three areas of the body, namely, the head, chest and abdomen It also has a pair of antennas and external mouth openings. It is also possible for insects to also have two types of eyes, either complex or simple, where compound eyes contain several lenses while the simple eye contains one lens, and some types of insects can also have both types of eyes In what follows, we will get to know each other What is flea.

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Fleas are a year-round problem in warmer climates that rarely drop to freezing, but some pet owners welcome cooler weather because they think it kills pests, but unfortunately, this is not necessarily true, and extended freezing temperatures can kill fleas, but they are found Other ways to stay in cold climates.

Lowest temperatures for fleas to survive:

You do not need to have a very freezing climate, or 0 degrees Celsius until the fleas freeze, when temperatures drop to 2 degrees, the atmosphere is cold enough to kill mature fleas as well as eggs, larvae and maidens.

The period during which fleas die after freezing:

Fleas and their young do not die overnight when temperatures drop to freezing, it may take up to 10 days of continuous weather of 2 degrees or less, and if during the day the altitudes exceed 2 degrees, the fleas may warm enough enough to relate to life for a period Longer, but when the weather maintains its temperature at 2 degrees or is cooler throughout the day and night for 10 days, the fleas that are left outside are exposed to cold and will die.

How do fleas stay alive?

Since fleas are still a problem even in colder regions of the country, it is clear that all fleas do not die when temperatures drop, some fleas are cunning enough to find ways to stay warm, including those who live on wild animals such as raccoons, and the number remains Enough eggs on animals to keep fleas alive so that they can rise again in warmer temperatures in the spring, and other fleas find comfortable areas in barns, garages, and dogs in the open air, or under the roofs, and around the foundations where they hide and wait Warm weather, or an un suspected animal Yeh.

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What can you do to get rid of fleas?

Even when temperatures are freezing, the problem of having fleas in your home can end up, and your pets can scratch their body enough where the fleas are hidden inside their body to allow fleas to stop riding on them and get rid of them, how much can you catch eggs or larvae in your shoes While walking in the yard or ancillary buildings, then transfer them to your home.

These fleas bloom in the warmth of your home, and multiply quickly to make a problem, even in winter. If you notice fleas in your home, clean them through the vacuum cleaner immediately daily for a few weeks. This is one of the best ways to remove fleas and their eggs from your carpet, but do Emptying what the broom contains in a lockable plastic bag to prevent fleas from escaping from litter, and treating your pets with a flea treatment approved by your vet.

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