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Tips To Creating Invitations For A Business Event

An invitation for a business event may not be similar to that of a casual event. You want to be a little professional but still, be able to easily convey your message to the target people. Whether you are having a business end year party or a fundraising event, you need to get it right. So how do you create a compelling invitation for a business event? Below are some tips to consider.

Tips To Creating Invitations For A Business Event

Mention prices if any

If your guests will have to pay anything for the event, make sure you detail it in the invitation. You don’t want to hit your guests with a surprise when they get to the event, so if there is an entry fee or price to pay for tables make sure to mention it. This way, the guests will come prepared and you will avoid embarrassment or painting a bad picture for your business.

Be clear

The worst thing that you can do when composing an invitation is beating around the bush and not being clear about the purpose of the event. A good rule of thumb is to use the basic format of an invitation of who, what, when, where, and why. This is a simple form of communicating the vital details of the event and grabbing the attention of the reader. Make sure the introduction announces the event, then proceeds to state the location, time,  and date of the event. When printing your invitation make sure to do so on the company stationary but if not so, find a good invitation printing service. Don’t send invitations without your logo, or company colors as they reinforce your company’s brand.

Make it persuasive

Is your invitation going to make your guests want to attend? A sneak peek for the event might work well. Perhaps there is a special guest attending the event. Or there are chances for people to win prizes. Maybe a gift hamper for the first certain number of people to get there. Anything that would entice your guests should be included in the invitation.

Don’t forget your contact information

If an RSVP is required,  then let your guests know beforehand. Make sure to include the date you expect a response and make sure to include both email and phone, depending on the type of event you are hosting. You want to include all the important details in the invitation so that people won’t keep on blowing up your phone to make inquiries about something you left out. Also, if guests can bring other people with them, make sure to note that in the invitation.

Proofread your invitation

When done writing your invitation, make sure you proofread it. It would be embarrassing to send an invitation full of grammatical errors and mistakes. Double-check it to ensure that everything is okay, and let someone else check it for you because you might miss out on your mistakes. When all is well, send them out but make sure that guests receive them two weeks prior to the event. The earlier the better.

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