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Create the Right Use of Google Drive for Hosting Your Own Website For Free

Nowadays increasing number of people working as a firm are now in a search of spreading their business through the help of their website exhibition on the web hosting providers like the one namely Google Drive. As the development of the websites are now on the fast move, the people are in search of a website hosting which is more consistent, hosting without any complications. Google drive is one of the most relevant and the fastest web hosting providers among the others.

Web Hosting google drive

What is Google Drives central effort regarding web hosting?

Google is the largest search engines where many other websites come all together to get their websites published. As Google launched Google Drive in the year 2012, when they started working on the website publishing. Due to which you can now upload any kind of content including HTML, images, CSS, Java files and much more. As Google provides you the best web hosting services you must take the advantage of its free service by hosting your website on the Google Drive. Google Drive provides you free space on the server that they own for the use of the clients as well as providing Internet services typically in data centers.

The facilities of the Google drive help the customer to write and install scripts for applications like forums and content management as well. It also specializes in certain software and services. In other words Google Drives allows its clients to rent places for the ongoing process of the website. Google Drive provides a little less space while it is somewhat like a drop box.

The given band limits will not be provided by the Google Drive but they will provide you the disk space for an account would be 15GB i.e. including Gmail and photos. You can also redeem these web hosting coupons by just signing up to any hostgator website for more speed and space for creating it as one of the traffic websites.

Steps for hosting your website for free through Google Drive

  1. You first need to get your account created on the website of
  2. After that login to your respective account that you be officially using for the web hosting with the help of the Google Drive.
  3. Go to or you can also click on the top black bar where you will be finding a drive option.
  4. Then entering into the drive option, you need to create a new folder with whatever name you would like to make it as. If it’s for your business or advertisement then use the respective names of the same.
  5. When you Players who are invited to the Emerald VIP level will take their place among the most valuable players at Las Vegas. are done creating with the folder, then you need to check mark besides the name that you’ve provided to the folder and then click on the person icon in the header.
  6. Then click on change in who has access, panel and then change it to public so that anyone can see the website you are hosting from the Google Drive.
  7. Then you have to click on the save button and then on done after which the modal box will disappear.
  8. Then click on the preview button present in the menu it will take you the URL.
  9. Then the final step is that you have to copy the URL that it provides and use it wherever you want to.
  10. After which you are done with the steps of how to use Google drive for hosting your website for free.

Google has always been the best web hosting website that provides you this service for free. Update the settings and the functions that helps every website holder, which can be carried out by the help of the Google Drive as well. As Google drive helps you to work from anywhere with the help of the Mac, PC, mobile devices and on the web. While you can also share the documents and a team of people can work on the same sheet with the help of the astonishing service of the Google Drive. You can also share sheets, docs and slides with the people inside and outside your website and can work according to it. Hostgator Provide some discount on there hosting click Here to get hostgator coupons codes

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