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Common Examples of Negligence That Can Cause Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are no joke. If you have been seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence, you may be awarded damages for your burn injury. Georgia residents have a higher incidence of burn injuries and deaths than the national average. The saddest thing about this situation is that many of these injuries could be avoided with a little more care and attention.

Negligence That Can Cause Burn Injuries

Examples of negligence that causes burn injuries

We are all taught at an early age about fire safety and how to avoid burns and other injuries when we are around fire. Unfortunately, not everyone practices fire safety, and burn injuries do occur on an all-to-frequent basis. Be aware of the following situations that are common causes of burn injuries. And remember, you don’t need to suffer because of someone else’s negligence.

  • Space heaters – many landlords in the state of Georgia neglect the heating units in their buildings or do not have them at all. If you have to use a space heater to keep your home warm, it’s time to fix the situation. Landlords are required to provide a safe living space, and if yours isn’t, we can help. Space heaters are a common cause of fires and should not be used as the main source of heat in your home or office.
  • Faulty electrical wires – old electrical wires can short out and become a serious fire hazard. If you live in an older home or apartment, be sure to have your electrical system checked on a regular basis. This includes the circuit box and any breakers that you may have on your property.
  • Waste and other combustible materials – there are many materials that can self-combust or catch fire from a small spark. One of these materials is dust, so be sure to keep your home free of any dust build-up, or lint, especially in areas where there is an open flame. An air purifier can help you keep your home dust-free and safe from fire hazards.
  • Extension cords – with the advent of extension cords and power strips, the possibility of house fires has increased. If you have any frayed or faulty cords, it’s important to check them immediately. Do not use a power strip that is smoking or that is emitting a pungent odor. Return any faulty cords immediately. Electrical outlets are another fire hazard, and if you think that the outlets in your home have been installed incorrectly or are otherwise faulty, seek the opinion of a registered electrician right away.
  • Propane heaters – similar to electrical heaters above, propane heaters are another common source of burn injuries. This is especially true if you are using this type of heater in a camper or RV. Mobile vehicles often lack the proper ventilation that is necessary to safely use this type of heater. Do not use a propane heater unless you have proper ventilation. Be sure to check your camper or RV to ensure that it is not causing a fire hazard before you turn on your heater.
  • Cigarettes/smoking – another common and avoidable example of negligence is smoking. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people to fall asleep when they have a cigarette or cigar lit. Or, they could stop paying attention to their lit cigarettes, which can also cause a fire hazard. If you live in a building where people smoke, be sure to have a working fire alarm and smoke detector. Your landlord should provide the necessary safety equipment to help you avoid injury due to a smoker’s negligence.
  • Acid and other toxic chemicals – burns from substances such as acids and other chemicals can be common in certain types of workplaces. If you work in such an environment, it’s important to follow all the safety guidelines that are in place. Additionally, if you feel that your place of work is careless when it comes to chemical safety, you may want to report the situation to OSHA or a confidential tip line. Toxic chemicals can cause significant burns to your skin, affect your eyesight, and even damage your lungs if the proper safety protocols aren’t in place or aren’t rigorously followed.

The bottom line when it comes to negligence and injury is that you shouldn’t have to suffer because of someone else’s carelessness. There are many different examples of causes of fires that can be avoided. If you or someone you love has suffered burn injuries, it is possible to hold the negligent party responsible. Seeking legal advice immediately after a burn injury can help you build an effective case and allow you to receive the compensation that you deserve because of the pain and suffering caused by your injuries.

Let us help you get the justice you deserve

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed due to someone else’s negligence, it’s important to get legal representation in a timely manner. Burn injuries can cause a lifetime of medical issues and it’s important to seek the justice that you deserve. Give our office a call today and schedule a consultation.

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