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How Can An MBA From Amsterdam Enhance Your Career Prospects?

Most people think of cycling and long canals when they think of Amsterdam. A lot others might associate the city as the capital of the lesser-known European nation, the Netherlands.

MBA From Amsterdam

While Amsterdam has always been prevalent on the map as a tourist spot, it has been gaining a lot of traction recently as a coveted study destination. Dutch universities in the city are gaining clout owing to their stringent standards and excellent academic system.

Apart from this, Amsterdam also enjoys the status of being one of the emerging business hubs in the EU that is attracting a lot of MNCs and international talent. This might be reason enough to explore worthy MBA programs in Amsterdam for your business career.

Read ahead to learn how an appropriate MBA degree from Amsterdam can enhance your career prospects within the international business community.

What are the prime advantages of studying in Amsterdam?

The benefits of coming to Amsterdam as an MBA student can be too many to count. Here are the most important advantages of having an MBA degree from Amsterdam.

  1. Presence of many renowned MNCs
  2. A culture of entrepreneurship in the country
  3. An excellent education system

Will you be able to find career prospects in Amsterdam after your MBA?

Yes! Hundreds of international students stay back in Amsterdam each year to pursue successful financial or business management careers. Some of the most common career paths for MBA graduates in the city include business and development executives, marketing executives, office administrators, and senior managers.

Why should you opt for an MBA in the first place?

You might argue that an MBA might not necessarily be the right choice when you can find so many other course options and specialisations that can prepare you for a business career. However, an MBA from a reputed university would probably have a comprehensive curriculum that can provide you exposure to a wide variety of business electives.

Additionally, an MBA is known to build crucial managerial and transferable skills which are important for sustaining in any corporate career.

What kind of salary prospects can you expect in Amsterdam?

MBA graduates from good Dutch universities in Amsterdam are some of the most coveted candidates in the country’s corporate work sphere. As an MBA graduate with an impressive grade point, you can expect to draw a handsome salary right off the bat.

According to a survey by, the average annual salary of an MBA graduate in Amsterdam can cross € 108,000.

What else can you do in Amsterdam other than pursuing your MBA?

The academic and career prospects aside, you can be assured of having an eventful social life as an international student in Amsterdam. The city is filled with cultural centers, historical monuments, parks and shopping districts which can help you pass your free time.

In addition, Amsterdam has many friendly local diners and neighborhood joints where you can interact with the local people and make new friends.

Start your search for an established business school in Amsterdam today to take your business career off the ground.

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