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Coldplay Is Coming To India This November & Delhi, Mumbai Will Fight It Out

When Coldplay’s Chris Martin appeared out of thin air in Delhi to play at the Summerhouse Cafe and, later, shoot the video for A Head Full Of Dreams at Mumbai, us fans were literally in tears! Why couldn’t he have announced it before, so that we could have actually been there to witness it, whether we had to sell our kidneys or any other body part?


Well, the band, as well as their creative director Phil Harvey have stated on several occasions that they are extremely interested in coming back to India, and now, it seems that they might be preparing to do just that! According to a report in the Mumbai Mirror, our beloved British band will be touring India this year itself, with a show on November 19.


The show will be a fundraiser for Chris Martin’s global poverty charity. Although the city hasn’t been decided on, whether it’s Delhi or Mumbai, you can be sure we’ll be keeping our ears and eyes open for any more news, so we can book tickets at the earliest!

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