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Best Smart Phones in the Market to Drool Over

If you are a lover of smart phones and can’t think your life without one then you must also know that with so many varieties of smart phones available in the market, buying one has become a confusing thing in today’s time.  There is a huge variety available in the market and with every passing day new models are getting released making it even more difficult for the buyers to fix their mind about which one to buy and which not. And to add to our confusion, all of them claim to be the best. But you needn’t to worry as here we have listed out some of the latest smart phones that you could consider buying. Have a look on this and decide the right one for yourself:

Best Smart Phones in the Market to Drool Over

Galaxy S7 Edge from Samsung

This neat gadget from Samsung claims to be the best phone in the market currently. The phone not only boasts of its impressive design but it also offers a powerful performance. It has a good battery life, a great display, an impressive camera and advanced features- basically all the things that the users want in their phones. The price of the product is slightly on the higher end but if you are into luxurious phones with good features this may suit your requirement.

Android – Nexus 6P

Another inclusion in the list of the must buy phones is the Android-Nexus 6P. This phone has a neat 5.7 inch screen with a 2k display and a RAM of 2 GB complete with a Snapdragon 810 processor. Even though this phone is not as big as some of the big names in the market but the battery life is impressive. As a user you will be happy to use this phone as it offers great usability. Nexus has included sensor in this phone unlike some of the other models.

 LG G5

The next one in our list of phones is the LG G5 which can be considered by the users who are looking for god performance in affordable rate. This phone may not look very flashy like the other models but in terms of performance this is far from disappointing. This model is designed for people who like innovative mobile phones. This is one of the few mobile phones of 2016 that allows you to swap batteries. The best thing is with Tata cliq coupons you can get it in an extremely reasonable price.

HTC 10

This nice model from HTC is a vast improvement over the other models that have been released in the market very recently. It seems that HTC has studied all the criticisms and complains of the users really well and has worked on this phone to make it absolutely flawless in terms of design and performance. The HTC 10 not only looks stylish and trendy but its performance is equally impressive. For music lovers this phone is nothing short of a great treat as the Boom Audio provides an ultra superior music listening experience.

Moto X Force from Motorolla

This a refreshing phone from the Motorolla family. Premium and elegant are two words that describe its appearance really well. The phone is highly durable and with a tough exterior the phone is built to last for long. It also has great specifications and not to mention a very impressive battery life. Its price is also within a budget that most of the smart phone lovers can easily afford.

So, these are some of the hottest phones that have taken the market by storm. I and made everyone to drool over. If you want to make a quick buy of your favorite one from the list you needn’t to wait for the prices to fall as you can take the advantages of the deals and offers to avail great discounts on the phones during your purchase.

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